Shockwatch Indicator 如何運作如何購買

【2021】Shock Watch Indicator How It Works Where To Buy Shock Watch Stickers?

Since the COVID-19 has been pandemic in 2020, the air/sea freight rate has soared and become hard to come by. Many companies have been born at an increasing cost. As a result, the safety of cargo in transportation is particularly important.


What are shock stickers?

ShockWatch Inc., now Spotsee, in the United States launched Shock watch Indicator Label in 1976. The impact indicators can detect whether a collision happened to a shipment during transportation. The consignee can quickly inspect the goods inside when seeing bright red. To take delivery or ask for compensation, just take a glance at the color change.

shockwatch 50g

Shockwatch Label 50G Red


What is a shock dot?

ShockDot indicators are a simple solution for spotting possibly damaged goods and increasing supply chain responsibility. It has a larger display for greater visibility, QR code for quick scan, and serial number for tamperproof.


What Can Shock Watch Indicator help?

From completed production on a conveyor, moving merchandise by forklift, storage, carrier, and delivery to the customer, Shock watch Indicator helps monitor the entire process to see whether a collision happens. This color change on the indicator can determine the damage caused by the carrier. It not only provides a smoking gun of damage but also can deter the handlers from rough mishandling.

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Shock Watch Labels Spec & Applications

Shock Watch Labels can be applied to packaging such as cartons, stacked goods on pallets, wooden crates, etc., and types of Shock watch models comply with various industries.


Shock Watch Labels Spec Table
Product Name Model Part Numbers Sensitivity Suitable Size
Shock Watch 25G(Yellow) L-65 20700 25G ± 15% Large Cargo
Shock Watch 37G(Purple) L-55 20686 37G ± 15% Large Cargo
Shock Watch 50G(Red) L-47 20500 50G ± 15% Large/Small Cargo
Shock Watch 75G(Orange) L-35 20300 75G ± 15% Small Cargo
Shock Watch 100G(Green) L-30 20100 100G ± 15% Small Cargo

How Does Shock Label help Your Business?



How Does the Shock Watch Sensor Work?

Shock Watch Sensor is a Shock Watch Stickers that combine with Shock Sensor and Stickers. The shock sensor is a combination of water, red ink and viscosity-changed material. The G value of the product is controlled by the viscosity of different liquids. The following video and pictures clearly indicate and understand how Shock Sensor works.

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ShockWatch Indicator, How It Works, Where Can I Buy ShockWatch Stickers?



Where to Buy Shock Watch Stickers?

According to the statistics of the American Packaging Association, there is a 6% chance of causing direct or indirect damage to goods, but as long as Shock Watch Stickers are used, the damaged delivery rate is smoothly reduced by about 70%, which is important for supply chain. It is a helpful Packaging Solution.

We already know that Shock Watch Stickers provides several benefits for cargo transportation, but Where Can I Buy ShockWatch?

We have compiled the contact info for ShockWatch companies in the world. Please see as follows.

Country Website
ShockWatch Taiwan
Shockwatch com
ShockWatch UK
ShockWatch Australia
ShockWatch New Zealand
ShockWatch India
ShockWatch Belgium
ShockWatch Germany
ShockWatch Denmark
ShockWatch Norway
ShockWatch South Africa
Uline ShockWatch

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To Buy Shock Watch: Points For Attention

Shock Watch Companion Labels

There is one thing that people often overlook, that is the shock watch companion label is not included in accessories when you buy Shock watch. In general, the companion label is free of charge accessory, but you have to purchase separately.

The accessory companion label is 200 PCS/roll, and the its pricing is USD 40~45 per roll.

【2021】ShockWatch Indicator How It Works Where To Buy Shock Watch Stickers?


Shock Watch HS Code: 9031.80 or  4821.90?

HS Code stands for the harmonized system of international commodities, a unified standard that can quantify the tariff rates for entry and exit of various products. The first 6 codes of the HS Code are universally used in the world. Usually, each country will add two or four codes at the back to classify the goods in more detail according to their own needs.

So, what is the HS code for shock watch labels?

For Shockwatch indicator, its HS code is 9031.80

For Shock watch companion label, its HS code is 4821.90

【2021】ShockWatch Indicator How It Works Where To Buy Shock Watch Stickers?


Certification for Shock Watch Indicator?

Product certification is now a necessity in commercial transactions. A qualified product means the production, verification to hand into the customers must comply with the relevant specifications.

Shockwatch Indicator complies with the relevant standards of ISO9001 and RoHs

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How To Prove A Qualified Shock Indicator?

Certificates indicate a company’s level of excellence in a specific field. It sets a higher precedence for excellence and demonstrates to costumers

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Shock Watch Labels is a shock indicator with a long history and has a very high market share in the global market. However, other brands have taken the market share over time. The Impact Label produced by WAN-YO provides customers with another choice. We focus on both price and quality and provide customers with good value for money.

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