Buy Tilt Watch Indicator Tips - What Should I Pay Attention to When I Buy Tilt Watch Indicator?

【BUY Tilt Watch Indicator Tips】A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

What Should I Pay Attention to When I Buy Tilt Watch Indicator?


The tilt watch indicator is the best choice for transporting equipment. The price for a tilt watch indicator is economical, and its use is very simple – you just need to affix to the shipment. 

The tilt watch indicator can monitor the equipment for tilt or overturn during transit, and be evidence of compensation in case of goods damage.

In our experience, there are 3 tips for buying tilt watch indicators.

– Buy the Correct Tilt Watch Indicator?

– Order Quantity?

– Certified Docs


I.  Which Tilt Watch Indicator to Buy?


WAN-YO has 3 types tilt watch indicators. Each of them has its functions. You should select the types, based on the requirements of your shipment and product. For more details, please refer to “Just 1 Step: How to Choose A Tiltwatcher?”


Difference Leaning Label
What’s the difference between Leaning Label, Leaning Label II and Leaning Label Plus?




II.  How Many Should I Buy Tilt Watch Indicator?


When you buy tilt watch indicators, the MOQ is not limited. The reason is that the tilt watch indicator only starts to detect after ripping off its seal. It means customers don’t be worried about activation/ damaged label issues, like impact indicators, during transit from us to your hands. 


BUY Tilt Watch IndicatorWhen you buy tilt watch indicators, you can order a right amount without activation concern.



III.  Patents and SGS Test Reports


Most companies use tilt watch indicators to export goods worldwide. The foreign customs sometimes require SGS reports and patents for tilt watch indicators. When you buy tilt watch indicator, you need to ask for these 2 documents and prepare in advance as customs clearance – just in case. Detained in customs causes serious results.

WAN-YO, as the largest tilt indicators manufacturer, we have technological product patents and certified SGS reports. Please refer to “Patent and Certificate


Leaning Label Patents & Certificates
Leaning Label Patents & Certificates




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