Reviews TiltWatch XTR to Leaning Label, Can I replace with directly

Reviews》【TiltWatch XTR】to Leaning Label, Can I replace with directly?

The TiltWatch XTR is a single-use tip and tell indicator used to monitor goods that must remain upright. Tiltwatch XTR is always the first impression of a tip indicator for most customers. The Tiltwatch is a device that detects tilting force during delivery. Attached to goods that cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.

Will there be a problem if I replace Tiltwatch XTR with Leaning Label?” This is always the customers’ concern.  

What if a customer is using Tiltwatch XTR, but then wanna try Leaning Label? Is there any problem with the replacement of the two brands? 


What is TiltWatch XTR? What is TiltWatch? What is TiltWatch indicator?

The Tiltwatch XTR label is a single-use tip and tilt indicator that monitors goods and detects excessive tilting during shipment that must remain upright. TiltWatch XTR and TiltWatch indicator are the same product while ShockWatch is the sister product. Easily monitor your shipments for damage due to excessive tilting whether a shipment has been turned on its side, turned over, or tilted at an angle that exceeds a predetermined level.

In fact, “TiltWatch XTR” is the brand name. We call it “tilt indicator” or “tip and tell indicator” for this type of product. In the market, there are various types and brand names. Many people are used to naming Tiltwatch as tilt indicators, just like Google refers to “search.”


Top 3 Tip Indicators: Leaning Label, TiltWatch XTR, Tip N Tell

TiltWatch by Spotsee, Leaning Label by WAN-YO, and Tip N Tell by Index Packaging are the most common to see on the market. They are also the foundry for many brands as far as we know. Among 3 brands, Tip N Tell is the earliest launched.


Specification: Tiltwatch XTR, Leaning Label, Tip N Tell

The difference between them is the activation angle. Tip N Tell Most customers care about the accuracy of the activation angle, with our experience.

  Tiltwatch XTR Leaning Label Tip N Tell
Product Tiltwatch xtr Will there be a problem if I replace Tip N Tell with Leaning Label? Will there be a problem if I replace Tip N Tell with Leaning Label?
Market Share 45% 30% 15%
Activation Angle 80° 80° 60-90°
Size 74.27mm x 60.31mm x 5.29mm 75mm x 60mm x 5mm 70mm x 95mm x 2mm
Companion Labels   Leaning Label companion label Tip N Tell companion label

Certificate & SGS Reliability Test

In the modern business currency, RoHS and REACH certifications are basic certifications.  ISO9001 certification is the crucial key point, especially for tip indicators. 

TiltWatch XTR  and Leaning Label are ISO 9001 certified.

In addition to the certifications, product reliability tests are indispensable. Reliability usually refers to “trustworthy“. For a product, higher reliability refers to reliable products. For the tip indicator, a tilt-angle reliability demonstration test on qualified laboratories, such as SGS, TUV, Intertek, is simply a guarantee for the product. 

Tiltwatch XTR and Leaning Label has reliable functional test report.

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Testing: Leaning Label & Tilt Watch XTR

The functions, certifications, and reliability tests of Tiltwatch XTR and Leaning Label are no different from each other. However, to see is to believe, from tilt testing for Tiltwatch XTR and Leaning Label, both excessive tilting is the same, and will not be activated from normal handling conditions such as take-off angles. As a result, if you have concerns to switch between, you can totally feel at ease!


How do you use TiltWatch? 

According to user manual, peel the adhesive liner from the back of the TiltWatch XTR and Leaning Label.  Then attach it to the shipment while holding it in an upright position. Once the adhesive liner is removed, the TiltWatch XTR and Leaning Label are armed.



What Colour will a tilt watch change if the cargo has been tilted at 80 degree angle?

RED. If the package to which TiltWatch XTR is attached is tilted beyond an angle of 80° or is turned upside down, it glows red. However, due to typical handling circumstances, it is still unaffected by movement.


What if TiltWatch is red?

The TiltWatch XTR’s activated (RED) indication does not necessarily indicate that there has been damage. It just suggests that the carton was turned upside down. The only way to know if there has been damage is to conduct an inspection. Please indicate on the bill of lading, delivery receipt, or other document that the indication is RED if it is.


How does TiltWatch work?

Simply by peeling the adhesive backing from TiltWatch, the sensor is automatically armed. When a shipment is tilted over 80º or is completely upended, the sensor will turn red to indicate tilting over these thresholds. Not only TiltWatch but also Leaning Label. The sensors are armed in the same way. The gravity sensor rolls along the slopes until falls off the slope. The middle window changes from silver to red because of the difference in color between the gravity device and the background.


How do I reset TiltWatch?

You should not reset Tiltwatch, either or Leaning Label. This action is tampering. In the past, the sensor was made of metal. Some people would use a magnet to attach the sensor and return to the window along the track. The sensor of the current revision is green. We can’t make sure whether it’s made of metal. 

However, from the YT video, you will see how to reset the Tiltwatch indicator while Leaning Label cannot be reset through a magnet.


TiltWatch XTR Price 

From most customers’ point of view, as long as the tilt indicator meets “functionality” and “reasonable price“. Then this will be the first choice in mind.

Brand awareness represents customers’ understanding of a company, and related certifications represent the company’s value on products. Both are indispensable. 

As far as we know, TiltWatch XTR Price is around USD $2~$3. If you need more about the prices of Leaning Label or other brands, welcome to contact us!

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