Shockwatch Hits a snag in Taiwan?

Jaw-Dropping 40 Years Shockwatch Hits a Snag in Taiwan?


The US Shockwatch Inc was the first to make ShockWatch label in 1976; therefore, it is the first brand came into customers’ mind. However, a Taiwan company released Impact Label in 2009. Therefore, many people are aware of the Impact Label. Yet, Some doubt about the quality or function of the Impact Label compared to ShockWatch. Is there any patent infringement?

In response to the above concerns, let’s take a look at the actual comparison between ShockWatch produced by shockwatch inc and the Impact Label manufactured by WAN-YO.


Test – Shockwatch Vs. Impact Label


The two most commonly seen brands on the market today are the “SHOCKWATCH” from US and “IMPACT LABEL” from Taiwan. We refer to the following videos on YouTube to see how the two perform differently on cartons and wooden boxes. We can see that there’s no difference between ShockWatch and Impact Label. The activation height of each model is exactly the same, except for 75G on the plywood case.


ShockWatch VS. Impact Label PLYWOOD

Impact Label VS. ShockWatch (Carton)

ShockWatch VS. Impact Label CARTON

Impact Label VS. ShockWatch (Plywood)



Activation Height


According to the actual test of the carton and label activation height, we found out that they match the height set by our company, which means that the user can easily select the suitable model according to the selection guide by Wan-Yo.


Impact Label Activation Height Table

Shock Indicator - Activation Height Table



Product Verification


We use the drop test machine to verify the core G-sensor of SHOCKWATCH and of IMPACT LABEL to verify activation data. The test result of activation data is almost the same as SHOCKWATCH.



Patent Certification 


In 2014, Wan-Yo overcame the problem of unstable product performance due to temperature. Later we became the first company in Taiwan to obtain the patent for impact indicators. For any  patent infringement, please refer to Patent Interrogation: Shockwatch & Impact Label and WAN-YO patent & certifications.




From the test in the film, we found that the product functions of Impact Label and ShockWatch are similar, and even the Impact Label is more stable in the performance of the carton. In addition, with the assurance of the patent, you can trust WAN-YO’s Impact Label.


Reminder: There is a ±15% product difference for Impact Label, so the test results may also have a difference of less than 15%.


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