Review》Product Functions – Shock Watch Sticker & Impact Label

Review》Product Functions – Shock Watch Sticker & Impact Label

The US Shockwatch Inc was the first to introduce the Shock Watch label in 1976. It is the first brand came into customers’ mind. In 2009, a Taiwan company released Impact Label which becomes famous.

However, most customers have hesitations and concerns about the quality, functions, and patent infringement between Impact Label and shock watch impact indicator. 


Functions: Shock Watch Sticker & Impact Label

Actual Test

Refer to the following videos on YouTube to see how the two perform differently on cartons and wooden boxes. The Impact Label acts normal in the function test. The function is approved.

Impact Label VS. Shock Watch (Carton)

Impact Label VS. Shock Watch (Plywood)


Drop Height for Activation

Have you noticed the activation height of the Impact Label coincides shock watch impact indicator from the video? Customers are at peace of mind for the selection by the expected drop height for activation.

How to Select Impact Indicator? 3 Mins Overview & 4 Ways

Shock Indicator - Activation Height Table

Impact Label Activation Height Table


Product Verification

We use the drop test machine to verify the core G-sensor of Impact Label to verify activation data. The test result of activation data has no difference with Shock watch impact indicator.



Product View

The logo, design and serial numbers are totally different from than Shock watch label. The serialized number helps the user to track, tamper-proof, inventory manage.

Shock Watch Impact Indicator Impact Label Impact Indicator
shockwatch 50g Review》Product Functions - Shock Watch Sticker & Impact Label


Patent Infringements

In 2014, WAN-YO overcame the unstable performance due to temperature. Later we obtained the patent for impact indicators. 

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【Patent Concerns】Impact Label & Shock Watch

【Patent Concerns】Impact Label & Shock Watch

“Are there any patent problems with Impact Label produced by WAN-YO and Shock Watch produced by Shockwatch Inc.?” buyers sometimes ask.

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Any Problem To Use Impact Label?

Now, you already understand the functions and performance comply with standard specifications. Our Impact Label impact indicator is serialized and helpful for tracking, tamperproof, manage inventory. Moreover, our products are certified with patent. You can be sure to use our Impact Label impact indicator with peace of mind.


Gender Reminder: There is a ±15% product difference for Impact Label, so the test results may also have a difference of less than 15%.


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【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels And Impact Label, What’s The Difference?

【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels And Impact Label, What’s The Difference?

“What the difference between your Impact Label and Shockwatch Labels? Do you have comparing benchmarks?”

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How to prove a qualified shock indicator?

How To Prove A【Qualified Shock Indicator】?

Certificates indicate a company’s level of excellence in a specific field. It sets a higher precedence for excellence and demonstrates to costumers what they can expect…

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