【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What's the Difference?

【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What’s the Difference?

“What the difference between your Impact Label and Shockwatch Labels? Do you have comparing benchmarks?”

Customers sometimes ask what are the differences between the Shockwatch labels produced by Spotsee in the United States and the Impact Label produced by Wan-Yo.

【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What's the Difference?


The answers are some similarities and some differences. You can see the table below to grasp the difference between the two labels.


  Brand Origin Function Barcode Number ISO 9001
Shockwatch Labels Spot see Mexico Same No Yes
Impact Label WAN-YO Taiwan Same Yes Yes

Note: Shockwatch labels has moved its production line from Texas to Mexico around 2017.


1. Manufacturer: Shockwatch Labels & Impact Label


.Shockwatch Labels

Shockwatch labels is a transportation monitoring device manufactured by Shockwatch Inc. in the United States in 1974. Now, it’s Spotsee which focuses on the supply chain solution, located in 5501 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Suite 350 Dallas, TX 75240 in the United States.


Impact Label

WAN-YO found that almost all of the transportation monitoring device in the market was monopolized, so the company was founded in 2009 and mass-produced the Impact Label brand in 2013. It has developed into the largest transportation monitoring manufacturer.



2. Origin: Shockwatch Labels & Impact Label


.Shockwatch Labels

Before 2017, the production base of Shockwatch labels was mainly in Texas, USA. Later, the production base of Shockwatch labels was transferred to Mexico and China.


.Impact Label

Impact Label is the transportation monitoring device independently developed by WAN-YO. It is 100% produced in Taiwan and has obtained product patents.

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3. Function: Shockwatch Stickers & Impact Label

Most customers are concerned the most about the function difference of Impact Label produced by WAN-YO and the Shockwatch stickers produced by Spotsee in the United States.

For peace of mind, you can see the differences in the 2 YouTube videos below. The relation of drop height and activation is minor different between Shockwatch stickers and Impact Label, so it’s no problem to replace with each other.

Carton Wooden box


4. Appearance: Shockwatch Sticker & Impact Label


Shockwatch Stickers  Impact Label
shockwatch 50g 【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What's the Difference?

Although the colors and shapes are the same, the brand names and design is somewhat different. The obvious difference is a barcode number under the Impact Label. This design has many benefits, such as product track and trace, avoid manual replacement, tamperproof, and incoming/outgoing management.


5. Price

In pricing, Shockwatch stickers and Impact Label products have a different strategy.


Shockwatch Stickers Price

The shockwatch stickers price in the market has been nearly the same due to production costs and agent distributors strategies.


Impact Label Price

They focus on its market share, with greater price flexibility, couplied with production costs and agent pricing strategies, so the market price are lower.

Product market prices can refer  here: Shockwatch & Impact Label price



6. Certification

Both Shockwatch Stickers and Impact Label are products produced under ISO9001 standard, and they have a certain degree of reliability in quality control, so the products also comply with RoHS and REACH regulations.

For more details, please refer to this article: Why does a Transportation Monitoring Manufacturer need a certificate?



In the previous article, it was mentioned that the Shockwatch indicator is a historical transportation monitoring, which has a certain market share in the global market. However, with the rise of Impact Label, it has already dented Shockwatch labels’ market share. This article is to make the users between the two brands comprehending compare conveniently.


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  In a study, it was found that during the average 600 mile trip by truck, a shipment will be physically handled between 10 – 12 times

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  Impact Label, impact indicator, is a very sensitive and special transport label. There’s any slight impact occurred, the shock indicator is activated, and causing damage. 

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