【Doubtful & Reveal】Shockwatch 2 Really Help You?

【Reveal Queries】”Shockwatch 2 Help You?”Why Use Shockwatch Label?

Shock Watch 2 and ShockWatch sticker are self-stick damage indicators that attach to shipping containers to provide clear visual indication if the shipment has been dropped or Impacted. Most users apply shockwatch 2 25G & shockwatch 2 50G on their shipment becuase shockwatch 2 price is lower than shockwatch label without activation during shipment. 3 axis limitations may occur more accountability for shippers.


What is Shock Watch 2? What is ShockWatch sticker?

Shockwatch is a brand name, which is also known as shock indicator, impact indicator, drop indicator…etc. In the international market, you will see different brand name, such as Impact Label.

Impact Label 50G 50PCS/BOX

Impact Label 50G

ShockWatch are mechanically-activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs. In 2014, Spotsee launched the Shockwatch 2 Impact Indicators. Shock watch 2 is a directional vertical response impact indicator. 

The appearance and function are not the same as the ShockWatch label. The shockwatch 2 gets over “always alive damage during shipment” and brings convenience for distributors and users but it could have some queries about detection of impact direction because Shock watch 2 works completely differently; you will learn it from the following reading.

You probably see lots of customers use shockwatch 2 25G & shockwatch 2 50G on their shipment. The number of customers continues to increase, then why are some customers sticking to the 1st gen Shockwatch label in their supply chain?

shockwatch2 vs shockwatch

What’s different between shockwatch 2 and shockwatch label?


What does a ShockWatch do?

Some users view the label can physically reduce damage to shipment like packaging materials; in fact, they are more likely a program.

When Shockwatch is on cargo, handlers will pay extra attention to the shipment. In other words, the ShockWatch sticker acts as a deterrent to your shipment being mishandled, hence, reduce damage-related costs by indicating if products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit.

The ShockWatch has been proven to reduce shipping damage by 40-60%.


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How to tell if Shockwatch 2 has been activated?

When products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage, the indicators turn from clear to red, and you know if your product may have been damaged as a result of mishandling.


How Do Shockwatch Labels Works?

The Shockwatch labels devices that turn bright red to indicate impact occurred. The core impact sensor is a glass tube with red water. When an impact force exceeds the threshold, the red water inside rushes out and dying the coating, which comes red visual.


Shockwatch Precision impact detection - how does it work?

How do Shockwatch impact indicators work?
(The Impact Label was manufactured by WAN-YO, not represent the brand name”Shockwatch.” The activation view is only for reference only.)


How does a Shockwatch 2 impact sensor work? 

Firstly, you have to understand how it works. The Shockwatch 2 is a physucak change as we discuss how impact indicators of different brands work in markets

The Spotsee Shockwatch 2 is made of plastic and stickers. There is a red plastic block with a certain weight in the middle of the product and it is stuck by an on-off switch, and it is matched with two plastic springs. As the switch is removed and if impacted, the red plastic block with a certain weight is moved.

This is how shockwatch 2 damage indicators work and you will see the devices turn bright red.


Functional Test on Shock watch 2

From the above description, you can understand two different ways of detecting impact force. Impact detection of Shockwatch 2 is vertical, from up or down, left or right, front or back, depends on the apply direction. Will there be any difference in performance between the 1st shock label and Shock watch 2?



How do you use ShockWatch indicator?

On Shockwatch and Shock watch 2 mounting instruction, we couldn’t understand the detecting direction. To make nearly 3 axis detections, people from the packaging industry usually apply 3 or 6 shockwatch 2 to cargo for 3 dimensions, but the rising cost is the side effect.


【Doubtful & Reveal】Shockwatch 2 Really Help You?

As for the ShockWatch, people usually apply 1-2 labels on the carton according to the mounting instruction due to less directional limitation. The placement refers to ShockWatch best practice, the Impact Label on the pictures below is manufactured by WAN-YO.

How do you use ShockWatch indicator? How do you use ShockWatch indicator?


What’s different between Shockwatch 2 25G & Shockwatch 2 50G?

Shockwatch 2 25G & Shockwatch 2 50G are currently the most widely used models on the market. Some clients mistakenly think “G” stands for “gram,” however, it stands for “acceleration”. As for the “G”, it is the unit of calculation of acceleration.

The relation between g levels of Shockwatch 2 indicator are magnitude and detection. The larger the value, the greater the force required while the smaller the value, the less force required i.e. the extreme fragile or heavier items require the smaller g level, such as 25G. Less fragile or lighter items require the larger g level, such as 50G.

Here is a list of common users of Shockwatch2 based on our experience.

.Shockwatch 2 25G 

Shockwatch 2 25G can detect small impact force, most are used in large equipment or fragile products.

● Fragile items

● The weight is very heavy

● The dimension is large

● Small impact force caused damage

● 15-30cm flat drop caused damage

● Wooden packing

● Machine carry required


.Shockwatch 2 50G

Shockwatch 2 50G is a medium-sensitive product, can be applied to both large and small shipments. Applicable to household appliances, commercial machinery and equipment, etc. and the following situations:

● Can accept slight collisions or vibrations

● Unacceptable excessive drop or impact

● 15-30cm flat drop caused damage

We recommend you contact us to discuss your application so that we can assist you in choosing the correct impact indicators for you.



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Buy Shockwatch 2 – Price

Shockwatch 2 is relatively easy to come by in the market, so the price is cheaper than the traditional Shockwatch Label. However, to reach 360° detection, it is necessary to use 3 pieces or 6 pieces Shockwatch 2 for cargo. After conversion, the traditional Shockwatch Labels seem to be more cost-effective. For more detailed prices, please refer to Shockwatch 2 Price.

Company Product Price (USD)
SpotSee Shock Watch $ xx – $ xx
Shock Watch 2 $ xx – $ xx
WAN-YO Impact Label $ xx – $ xx
Dual Impact Label $ xx – $ xx
Impact Tube $ xx – $ xx
Index Drop N Tell $ xx – $ xx
Others $ xx – $ xx

Impact Indicator Market Price




Although Shockwatch 2 can reduce damage during shipment before use*, however, from the user’s point of view, accidental damage to the product during transportation should be responsible for the shipper.

If your goods apply 1 piece Shockwatch 2 due to cost concerns and unfortunately happen to be damaged during transportation, some disputes are possible occurred.

Cargo types are various; please take your cargo situation into consideration before mounting to protect the integrity of your product.

*Note: it’s not about the damaged delivery when the shockwatch 2 is applied to cargo.


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