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【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What's the Difference?

【Challenge】Shockwatch Labels and Impact Label, What’s the Difference?

“What the difference between your Impact Label and Shockwatch Labels? Do you have comparing benchmarks?” Customers sometimes ask what are the differences between the Shockwatch labels produced by Spotsee in the United States and the Impact Label produced by Wan-Yo.   The answers are some similarities and some differences. You can see the table below …

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    Sample information


    No need Need
    Impact Label 25G no_needneed
    Impact Label 37G no_needneed
    Impact Label 50G no_needneed
    Impact Label 75G no_needneed
    Impact Label 100G no_needneed


    No need Need
    Leaning Label I no_needneed
    Leaning Label II no_needneed
    Leaning Label Plus no_needneed


    No need Need
    Tan no_needneed
    Green no_needneed
    Yellow no_needneed
    Blue no_needneed
    Orange no_needneed
    Spacer no_needneed

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