Commercial equipment

Commercial Equipment

Commercial equipment is expensive and very precise, resulting in investing a lot of money in packaging.

However, do you know one mistake will cause a great loss beyond your imagination if you can’t effectively control the transportation process?

The Impact Label (shock indicator) and Leaning Label (tilt indicator) can effectively control and monitor the transportation process and warranty-related repair issues. By fully monitoring, Impact Label and Leaning Label can effectively alert the handlers and greatly reduce human-error losses while Impact Tube can effectively determine product situation after sales.

It is common to be overturned for commercial expensive precision equipment, which not only causes serious losses, but also may cause injuries.

※ 4 Major Factors causes accidents:
1. Handled by inexperienced or untrained personnel or contractors
2. Failure to follow safe handling procedures
3. Improper handling, negligence, excessive speed, etc.
4. The equipment is not fastened during transport.

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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