WAN-YO provides OEM/ODM for Shock Indicators series and Tilt Indicators series.

In the highly competitive commodity market, companies are also paying more attention to whether the appearance of an external package can be in line with the value of the product itself. For most consumers, an external package and products are a whole, and directly become a key factor for consumers to buy or not.

However, shock indicator and tilt indicator provided by WAN-YO may not be compatible with the external package of various products, such as shape, size, and language. In addition, some companies also hope to add their logo on to increase brand awareness.

In order to facilitate the customer to match the impact indicator and tilt indicator on the appearance package, not only the external package is more consistent and beautiful, but also can monitor the goods and ensure the quality of products, WAN-YO provides each customer with a customized service.

Customization Process


1. Consultation & Quotation

Through the online form or E-mail, we will provide quotation and production suggestions.


2. Design

We will provide you with an AI file for shock indicator label or tilt indicator label.
You can design your own style or discuss your needs with us before design.


3. Confirm & Finalize Design Draft

After the design is finished, please provide the original design and PANTONE number, we will make a sample at first.
Please confirm again before the actual production to ensure the artwork is correct.


4. Order Production

After receiving the signed PO, 50% of the deposit and after confirming that the sample is correct, your customized items will enter the actual production stage.
It takes 3 - 4 weeks to produce.


5. Delivery

After the customized product is completed, we will send and ship it immediately after you have paid the balance.

Customization Form


Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.