Pallet Cushions

Pallet Cushion provides fast, cost-effective and durable customized transportation damage solutions for industrial, commercial and military applications, and saves on costly transportation, providing maximum shock protection with minimal size and weight.
Product Model Load Capacity Unit Weight T-Nut Hardness Buffering Effect
Tan WY-60035 9.6 – 15.9 kg 0.12 kg ± 5 g M8 or Inch 5/16″ Softest Highest
Green WY-60050 13.6 – 22.7 kg 0.13 kg ± 5 g M8 or Inch 5/16″ Soft High
Yellow WY-60080 20.4 – 36.3 kg 0.15 kg ± 5 g M8 or Inch 5/16″ Medium Medium
Blue WY-60125 31.8 – 56.7 kg 0.16 kg ± 5 g M8 or Inch 5/16″ Hard Low
Orange WY-60225 56.7 – 102 kg 0.17 kg ± 5 g M8 or Inch 5/16″ Hardest Lowest

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