Many chemicals must be in a safe shipping or storage environment, which could cause to failure or even great disasters.

How to effectively prevent or record the chemical during the transport or in storage environment is not treated properly, the only way is to mount Temperature Data Logger and Leaning Label (tilt indicator).

The Temperature Data Logger provides continuous recording of the process, max to 130 million records, and Leaning Label effectively indicates if the item has ever been tilted or overturned.

※Notes on the transportation of chemical related goods

  • Chemical mark: The goods to be shipped should be hung or pasted with the name or logo of the chemical being transported.
  • Nameplate:
    Name: Announced chemical name
    UN material number (UN No.): If not, replace it with the principle code
    Emergency contact telephone: should include country code, area code, etc.
  • The sign or sign shall appear on the carrier for transport: fixed by hanging or pasting

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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