The uniqueness and value of art are different from ordinary goods, each piece of art is a unique work created by the artist’s hands. Whether arts delivered from the artist to the exhibition hall, customers buying art from the gallery or museums receive and lend collections, transit has become an issue for logistics.

Transporting artworks, special attention needs to be paid to environmental factors, such as light, temperature, and humidity, as well as, human factors, such as collision, vibration, dump, and upside-down, must be paid attention to, which exposes the artist’s efforts to risk.

Using Impact Label (shock indicator), Leaning Label (tilt indicator), and Temperature Data Logger can effectively monitor and precaution possible risks during the transport of artwork. Integrity is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

※ Priority of artwork preparation
1. Packaging: use packaging materials that have the effect of decreasing vibration, impact and well-sealing
2. Delivery: Develop a complete handling process
3. Insurance: Select an insurance company that especially purposes of dealing with arts and confirm the details of cargo insurance claims

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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