WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd., the best protect cargo solution and goods damage solution specialist owns brand Impact Label and Leaning Label, and has a global network of sales and technical service in most countries.

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Funske | General Manager Logistics
The Netherland

At first, I heard a friend who was working in producing bathroom equipment used Impact Label and Leaning Label to monitor the quality of product transportation. Later, I introduced this product to the internal logistics work line. I absolutely did not expect that the staff really paid more attention to customers’ packages and handled it more carefully. Not only makes our company as a guarantee of the quality of transportation in the logistics industry, but also increases the company’s revenue. This label is really amazing!

Bill | Warehouse Manager Industrial Packaging Supplier
Industrial Packaging Supplier
United States

WAN-YO provides small quantity for customization service, which greatly costs down inventory management and costs.

Uros | R&D Specialist Home Appliance Manufacturing
Home Appliance Manufacturing

We had no experience in using these amazing gadgets before, but the staff from WAN-YO is so patient and attentive, during the long test period, not only providing packaging advises but also free samples several times.

Adam | Materials Manager Medical Instruments Manufacturing
Medical Instruments Manufacturing
United Kingdom

The sales representative’s English and customer service is excellent. Our original suppliers don’t have great English. It’s as though you’re in England!

Jennifer | Customer Service Manager Automobile Parts Manufacturing
Automobile Parts Manufacturing

The Goods Tracking System is totally free for each customer! There is neither pro version nor commercial advertisement. All functions are usable without limitations. I can’t believe it!

Lorenzo | Warehouse Manager Industrial Printer Manufacturing
Industrial Printer Manufacturing

We sometimes require a small quantity. WAN-YO is able to adjust the standard package into a smaller quantity. It’s really thoughtful.

Gavin | Procurement Manager TV Monitor Manufacturing
TV Monitor Manufacturing

LCD screens are very fragile products, so they cannot be impacted or tilted during transportation. We have always placed shock indicator labels on our goods, but the original supplier’s price was way too high. Later, we found Impact Label, providing a better price, has reduced our costs a lot.

Aaradhya | Logistics Manager Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

We didn’t know much about Impact Label and Leaning Label at the beginning. WAN-YO explained functions and instructions in detail patiently and provided free samples & free shipping for us. After testing by the engineering team, it was really amazing. Not only did the original goods damage rate be reduced from 13% to 1%, it also helped the company solve the troublesome transportation problem.

Eric | Certified Reliability Engineer Server Host Manufacturing
Server Host Manufacturing

Free drop test service not only helps our company quickly understand the defects in our original packaging but also receive data of drop test with using the Impact Label, which saves a test fee for our company. In addition, WAN-YO also provides packaging solution consulting service free of charge, not only found the main problem for us, but also help us with our packaging recommendations.

Max | Quality Assurance Manager Semiconductor Manufacturing
Semiconductor Manufacturing

In the beginning, we used shock indicators origins American but occasionally found the shock indicator has been activated and turned red after receiving the goods inspection. However, the supplier doesn’t take responsibility and insists on our accounts. Fortunately, WAN-YO Enterprise, introduced by our partner company, can provide 100% risk-free transportation, which has solved a lot of problems for us.

Jack | Sales Manager Solar Cell Manufacturing
Solar Cell Manufacturing

Our customers in non-English-speaking countries, the products on the market cannot make local transportation couriers understand the use of shock indicator labels and tilt indicator labels.

Fortunately, the company provides customized services, not only helping us change the language on Impact Label and Leaning Label, and also help to add the company logo on, so that our foreign customers are very satisfied with the quality of the packaging.


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