The study states that a shipment is handled 10 to 12 times as the truck distance is 600 miles.

Logistics transportation includes courier, sea freight, air freight… etc., which emphasizes that the goods reach the customer on time and intact, but with many handlers in the process of logistics transportation, it’s hard to determine the responsibility effectively and rapidly as problems occur with the goods.

Using Goods Tracking System, Impact Label (shock indicator) and Leaning Label (tilt indicator) can monitor the whole process of the goods, and Pallet Cushion can reduce vibration effectively during transit, providing a simple solution to common logistic problems.

We believe that every customer requires not only to deliver but also to protect the goods, which is one of the reasons that make your services surpass your competitors.

Notes for Logistics:
1. Minimize the frequency of handling goods
2. Walk carefully and watch out the path as carrying or loading the goods
3. Use handling equipment after evaluating the size and weight of the shipment, for example, flatform cart, forklift and stacker
4. Take different measures for different goods and follow the relevant handling regulations of the goods



OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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