Butterfly Latch

  • Durable & Sturdy
  • Weatherproof & Rust Proof
  • Reusable & Long-Term Use
  • Quick Installation & Easy Operation


Butterfly Latch gives your wooden crates or plywood cases great functionality and security also has it for easy opening of the item, making easy and fast movement for shipments and being a necessary part that is needed to complete transportation.

Mounting Butterfly Latch joins two or more objects or surfaces to maintain standard operation with a latch keeper and ensure the lids on the case stay in place during transit and storage.

The Butterfly Latch is easy operation actuated by fingertip pressure on the wing 270-degree turn locks and unlocks the unit while the power is incomparable where the tightening is done using turning the latch.

The Butterfly Latch is manufactured from hardened iron with a galvanized finish, and its smooth surface, heavy-duty delicate and functional design makes your package perfect.


Product Name
Butterfly Latch
Butterfly Latch 88.5 x 85 x 25.5 mm
Butterfly Latch Keeper 51.2 x 38 mm
Galvanizing Iron
Nails or Screws


Butterfly Latch Keeper

51.2 x 38 mm

Butterfly Latch Keeper

51.2 x 38 mm

Instructions - Butterfly Latch

How to use Butterfly Latch?

  1. Confirm the position and measure the distance of the Latch and Keeper
  2. Mount the butterfly latch keeper on the selected position with nails or screws.
  3. Re-confirm the lock and unlock distance then mount the butterfly latch on the case with nails or screws.



Our Recommendation

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