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Due to the trait of high-end furniture – irregular volume, weight or shape, many collisions and impacts always happen in transit, resulting in damages, disputes and after-sales service costs. To manufacturers and distributors, it’s a great loss.

Moving house and office relocation are much easier to cause furniture damage due to incomplete protection and inadequate spaces as moving furniture in the aisle or elevator.

Applying Impact Label (shock indicator) to detect shock and impact force and Leaning Label (tilt indicator) to detect tilt and overturn can assure your furniture is fully monitored during transit.

Once Impact Label and Leaning Label turn red and indicate furniture damage has high-likely happened, decreasing inspection time and clarifying responsibility. Warning Label for Impact Label and Leaning Label can draw attention and decrease the possibility of damage occurred, meanwhile, instruct process steps as indicator change red.

※ How should I pay attention to the packaging of furniture transportation?
1. Reduce impact, shock, tilt and overturn as far as possible
2. Pay attention to moisture resistance during long-distance transportation
3. Closely combine the furniture and packaging materials to avoid friction, impact and squeeze
4. Mark a this way up arrow of the furniture to avoid tilt or upside down
5. Grasp the center of gravity to avoid rolling and tipping during transportation



OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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