Shock Indicators

Shock indicators detect and record shock during transportation or in storage. Once it exceeds the set G value, the indicator will change from white to red and cannot be reset, providing indisputable evidence of mishandling.

Shock Indicator, also known as impact indicator, can stick to your package or directly on a product inside for different needs in various industries. Activates from white to red to show impact when dropped. The red cannot be reset and provides shippers to pinpoint the irresponsible handling in your supply chain.

A study shows the damage rate typically drops by 50% or more when a monitor is in place. Let Impact Label, Clip Label, and Impact Tube stop damaged delivery today!

The product technology of the shock indicator is slightly different in each manufacturer, and it has always been the secret of each factory, but the working principle of the impact indicator can basically be divided into 2 categories – physical change and structural change.
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Customers don’t know how to select a model to fit their product package, however, an incorrect model causes the following 2 problems…
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Customers sometimes ask what are the differences between the Shock watch labels produced by Shockwatch inc. and the Impact Label produced by Wan-Yo. What’s different?

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Product Temperproof Serialized Sensitivity Size Mount Status When Shipped

Dual Impact Label

V 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Impact Label 25G

V 25G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Impact Label 37G

V 37G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Impact Label 50G

V 50G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Impact Label 75G

V 75G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Impact Label 100G

V 100G 97 x 97 mm Package Always Live

Clip Label

47 x 29 mm Package / Package Always Live

Impact Tube

  10G/ 15G/ 25G/ 37G Φ 3.4 x 19 mm Product Always Live
50G/ 75G/ 100G Φ 2.4 x 19 mm

Shock Data Logger

  270 x 265 x 29 mm Product / Package Switch

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