Solar Energy Industry

With the progress of the times, green energy has always been an expression of people’s care for the earth, and the solar energy industry has gradually become one of the important industries that provide energy in the near future.

There is a thin layer of glass on the solar cell or solar panel module, the traits causing possible to damage, invisible and unobvious cracks on it that it’s not easy to find solar cells damaged and then result in a significant loss in product efficiency or even failure.

In order to prevent the condition, all solar cell manufacturers have been asked for using Impact Label (shock indicator) to clarify responsibilities and accelerate incoming inspection quality processes by processing plants, effectively solving the problems caused by transportation. Impact Label 25G and Impact Label 50G are the most common models to be used in the solar energy industry.

Impact Label has successfully helped our customers from the solar energy industry solve the obsession and the problem.

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【Semiconductor】Wafer Shipping In Logistics Companies

【Semiconductor】Wafer Shipping In Logistics Companies

Semiconductors function as a fabricator or a brain for electronic devices and essentially directs the other components to complete their specific functions. Even though semiconductors are so essential, they are unfortunately extremely fragile…

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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