Modern home appliances are becoming more and more precise, most of which contain glass, LCD, and electronic parts. This has also led to more and more damage due to transportation. So how can we avoid this?

Impact Label(shock indicator) and Leaning Label(tilt indicator) provide a simple solution and effectively alert everyone involved in the package handling process that additional care is required.

Evidence shows that the use of WAN-YO’s packaging solution can effectively reduce the damage rate of goods by more than 70%. Only need coins to have great help, don’t you want to take action?

※Suggestions for Use
In general, we suggest applying 2 pieces of both Impact Label and Leaning Label on each stacking goods of a pallet due to the high unit price of a client’s product.

However, if the stacking goods will be split or distributed to different areas, we suggest applying 1 piece of both Impact Label and Leaning Label on each package.

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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