Precision Instrument

Precision Instrument

In general, high-tech electronic instruments or equipment are very precise and delicate. From production, transportation, to customers, the risk of human error is hidden.

How do we tell if the damage to the product is caused by humans or not?

The Impact Label(shock indicator), Leaning Label(tilt indicator) and Pallet Cushion series provide you with a simple and fast solution.

When the goods or products are being monitored by Impact Label and Leaning Label, the involved handlers will be more careful, and the evidence shows that the damage rate can be reduced by more than 70% while Pallet Cushion helps you decrease vibration to shipment during transport.

※ Notes for transporting precision instrument
1. Check the condition of the vehicle and the route
2. Carefully check the goods situations – intactness, numbers of equipment and serial number if it’s matched to B/L
3. Check outer package, impact indicators and tilt indicators if it’s complete and inactivated
4. The binding secure after loading to avoid collision and dumping during transportation
5. Avoid hitting the brakes
6. Check situations of impact indicators and tilt indicators and take pictures as the precision instrument arrives at the destination



OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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