Share and Lease

Sharing economy has become popular in recent years, allowing idle resources to be used to the maximum. However, maintain instruments and equipment is a big issue for renting companies.

Do you have trouble leasing a shared device or instrument to customers but cannot look into damage problems? Does the undue damage of instrument and equipment cause your maintenance of high costs? Such problems have been appearing all the time, and renting companies have to absorb losses themselves.

In order to effectively solve this problem, the Clip Label and Impact Tube launched by WAN-YO can be directly embedded inside or the surface of the instrument and equipment to monitor whether the shared or leased equipment is damaged by natural causes or human error and make users use the instrument and equipment more carefully.

Now you only need to pay one ten thousandth of the past cost to decrease costs and increase protection. Don’t ask WAN-YO for free samples yet?

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