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The most common dispute over moving companies is rough mishandling. Clarifying the responsibility is crucial to damage problem. Some handlers place items from “moving things” into “throwing things”, causing customers’ valuable furniture or items damage, but the moving companies ignore customers’ complain and refuse to compensation.

The Impact Label (impact indicator) and Leaning Label (tilt indicator) help people to clarify the responsibility at a low cost by simply placing it on a package of valuable items.

The indicator turns red and indicates an unusual transit occurred, no matter drop, impact, overturn or tilt happened, acting as compensation evidence to determine which party caused the damage.

A famous American moving company introduced Impact Label and Shock Data Logger into their working process, and successfully had the workers’ pay more attention to clients’ items. This practice has increased the moving quality and won customers’ confidence, which the company has earned more revenue! Don’t you come and try?

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OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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