Packaging Solution

WAN-YO provides free professional packaging solution consultation especially for products damaged during transportation.

6% of the goods
may be damaged
during transportation

According to a study by the  American Packaging Association, the probability of a shipment from the beginning to the end of delivery is 4 to 6 times more likely to be damaged from a height of 80 cm, and 6% of the goods may directly or indirectly cause damage to the goods.

The main reasons for damages are vibration caused by road or sea transportation, collisions caused by stacked goods and Improper handling by transporters.

How we get the best solution

.Totally understand situations you face
.Take packaging defects into consideration
.Propose the best method for you

What we do
Test the Improved Packaging as Recommended → Provide Test Data

Packaging Solution

Shock Indicator

Packaging Solution

Tilt Indicator

Packaging Solution

Pallet Cushion

Packaging Solution

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