Packaging & Crating

Packaging & Crating

Packaging and shipment is one of the important works that most companies have to face. The status of the goods received by customers reflects the quality of a company’s products.

You must have encountered that customers complain product damage after receiving, causing bad company image and multiple customer complaints handling. As a manufacturer and distributor, you know that the damage must be caused by the shipping company. How do you avoid this from happening again and minimize the damage rate?

The Impact Label (shock indicator) and Leaning Label (tilt indicator) have a highly visible warning appearance, and can also accurately indicate the occurrence of a collision, drop or tilt of the goods during transportation, as a favorable evidence of claim.

Impact Label and Leaning Label have proven to reduce damage during shipment by up to 70% and brought more benefits to most corporations.

Product packaging is as crucial as shipping quality. Keep the quality of shipping in our hands and stop your customers from receiving damage products!



OEM/ODM service for shock indicator and tilt indicator.

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