【2021】Drop N Tell Indicator Instructions & Price

【2021】Drop N Tell Indicator Instructions & Price

Drop N Tell indicator is one of the shock indicators. The drop n tell manufacturer is Index Packaging in the United States and its history has been more than 50 years. Index Packaging produces Drop N Tell and Tip N Tell, both of which help a lot during cargo transportation.


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Behind Secret》Tip N Tell instructions & Price | WAN-YO

Behind Secret》Tip N Tell Instructions & Price

Tip N Tell, one of the tilt indicators, is mainly used to see whether the goods that are required to remain upright during transportation, have been tilted or not. 

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What is Drop N Tell Impact Sensor?

Drop N Tell impact sensor is used to affix to the outer carton of the package. When the cargo is impacted or vibrated by external forces, the arrow shape of the “<” or “>” in the middle change from red to blue to remind the consignee or the handlers that this cargo has been received a certain degree of impact and must be checked carefully.

【2021】Drop N Tell Indicator Instructions & Price


Drop N Tell has 2 types: “Resettable” and “Unresettable”. Unesettable Drop N Tell is a one-time product that is no longer to restart once the product is used. The resettable Drop N Tell indicator can be reset with a special tool after use, and it can be resued as high as 30-40 times.

Both types of impact sensors support six kinds of G value detection of impact force: 5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, and 100G.


【2021】Drop N Tell Indicator Instructions & Price



How Does Drop N Tell Indicator Work?

Drop N Tell indicator is made up of elastic reed and iron parts inside. External force triggers the reed to push the colored iron.



Drop N Tell Instructions

Drop N Tell has 6 product models,  5G, 10G, 15G, 25G, 50G, and 100G. According to the volume and weight of the cargo, choose the appropriate product model to use.

【2021】Drop N Tell Indicator Instructions & Price
Drop N Tell Selection Guide

*The table is for reference only. You should consider traits of the product and test results.


Instruction Steps for Drop N Tell

1. Tear off the back adhesive and do not shake

2. Apply on the cargo (the placement is close to corners that impacted the most) or apply to the wooden crate (use nails or screws to fix the two holes on the top and bottom of the product)

3. Pull off the iron strip




Drop N Tell Price

 The price of Drop N Tell indicator is still very high in the market, so the penetration rate is not high.


 Company Name Price (USD)
Index Drop N Tell $ 3.0 – $ 4.0

Drop N Tell – Market Price


*The above prices are based on big data statistics. In fact, prices may vary according to different countries, freight, and taxes. This table is for reference only.



Where to Buy Drop N Tell Impact  Sensor?

Uline and Amazon is the leading E-commerce for America and Europe, however, Alibaba raises up rapidly. Lots of manufacturers join in it.

However, if you would like to buy Drop N Tell near you, I suggest searching the packaging wholesaler or local agent/distributor.




The advantage of Drop N Tell is the on-off design to prevent false activation when it is not used. The market price is currently very expensive, compared to the impact indicator, however, as long as the impact indicator conquers the problem of error activation, most manufacturers prefer an expensive and easy-to-use impact indicator.


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Shock Indicator Price, Technology【Don’t Miss Out Secret Of Industry】2021 Updated

Shock Indicator Price, Technology【Don’t Miss Out Secret Of Industry】2021 Updated

The shock indicator can record the vibration intensity is recorded during transportation or goods exposed to inappropriate environmental conditions, which is liable to the relevant responsible person…

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