Use shock indicators to protect drones and reduce shipping damages.

Use shock indicators to protect drones and reduce shipping damages.


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Industry: Drone
(camera drone, photography drone)

Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



Challenge for the drone industry

There are lithium batteries in most of our devices, and once the batteries exceed the specifications, we can’t transport them by air; thus we need to ship our drones by road or sea, which will increase risk of shipping damage.

Use shock indicators to protect drones and reduce shipping damages.

Accordingly, before shipping our products, camera drones or photography drones, we need to do a lot of prep work to make our shipments delivered safe and sound. 

We need to disassemble all the outer parts, and wrap the drones in bubble wrap to protect the camera and the propeller that could be the most fragile and high-cost. Then, fill the empty spaces of the box with cushioning materials.


Shipping damage still occurs to our delicate and expensive drones (camera drone, photography drone)

Even if we have done a great deal of prep work before shipping, shipping damage still occurs to our delicate and expensive drones, which keeps increasing our costs, including shipping goods back and forth, inspecting, and testing the replacements.


Use shock indicators to protect drones and reduce shipping damages.

Shock or drop occurs on camera drones during transit could lead to malfunction of drones in the future, such as the failure of a propeller or motor. Malfunction of drones is likely to result in crashes.The reason why drone crashes might cause serious consequences is that they could commonly cause severe injuries to a person or property.



Best solution to prevent shipping damage- shock indicator

To avoid these serious consequences, we have to do our best to protect the drones, which also means protecting our customers from getting into trouble. Besides all the things we could do, such as appropriate packages and protection, we still need solutions to minimize shipping damage. Hence, Wan-yo is our top choice since they are experienced in protecting freight.

The best solution for us is Wan-yo’s shock indicator which is one of their signature products.

Use shock indicators to protect drones and reduce shipping damages.


.Shock indicator is low-cost

Among all the possible solutions, a shock indicator both effective and low-cost, that we can use on all the goods we are going to ship.


.Shock indicator is a effective deterrent

As we have known, shock indicators are so famous all over the world that every carrier knows they are being monitored when handling cargos with shock indicators. Thus, carriers would always be much more careful when loading and unloading cargos with shock indicators because they know if the indicator is activated, they are liable for the consequences, product damage and damage claim included. Over time, logistics companies and handlers have their SOPs when handling feight with shock indicators. 

The moment they notice a parcel with a shock indicator, they would record all the details about the item, and the handler needs to sign on it before starting to move it. When loading or unloading, they need to be cautious not to activate the shock indicator, which could turn red if the parcel is shocked, dropped, or crashed. That’s also how shock indicators protect our freight during transit.


.Shock indicators indicate potential damage to our products

In a worst case scenario, shipping damage occurs, with the shock indicator activated, we know the product might be damaged that could lead to malfunction to the device; the conspicuous indicator could remind our customer to inspect the drones or ask for a replacement according to our product manual.



Shock indicators reduce shipping damage and number of drone accidents

shock indicators significantly reduce the shipping damage by around 80%. What’s more, recalls of potentially damaged drones help us prevent severe drone accidents. Shock indicators make our business and products more trustworthy.





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