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【6 Secrets】About Tilt Watch Price, How To Reset? How It Works? 2021 Updated!

【Tilt Indicators】6 Secrets: Price, Selection, Instruction, Operation, Reset | 2024 Updated


Cargo insurance can help to cover up the loss of product, however, it cannot help to get and solve the root of the problem. Customers always place complaints about your products or components in all mess upon parcel/shipment arrival and even ask for returns of goods or refunds. Packing employees are always requested to fix the cargo with protection before shipping. However, accidents and unforeseen factors during transportation make your products damaged as arrived in customers.

What should you do for the damaged goods? What if something can help you understand the cause of the damage and solve it? It’s must be an oasis in the desert.

Tilt Indicator” and “Shock Indicator” can help! You can simply peel and stick to your goods, then the shipping damage problem is greatly decreased. To shorten the article, you will understand how tilt indicator helps with this matter as follows. ( Read more: What is a shock indicator? How do shock indicators help solve cargo damage? )

.What is tilt indicator?
.What are tilt indicators in the markets? What’s the difference?
.When to use tilt indicators?
.How to select package tilt indicator?
.How to correctly use a tilt label?
.Where to buy tilt indicator?
.How much is the price?


Tilt indicator is also known as: tilt and tell indicator, tip damage indicators, shipping tilt indicator, package tilt indicator… etc.


Impact or Shock 6 Secrets About Tilt Watch Price, How To Reset Tilt Watch?



CHAPTER 1:  What is TiltIndicator?

The tilt indicator can detect and indicate the tilt degree by the middle window of the indicator. The tilt degree is pre-set and applicable for most shipping situations. The name “tip and tilt indicator” is from different brands from the US companies, but now they become  a nouns or a phrase to describe the tilt monitor device

When a cargo is subject to tilt, tip, or overturn during transportation or in storage, the indicator can record the tilt degree, which can make handlers, consignees, or shippers act accordingly. Mostly, indicators are used in the transportation or storage of goods. With different degrees of tilt resistance for each package, select a suitable one for different goods.

There are 3 types of tilt indicators in the market, in order from single function to multi-functions. They’re all in warning colors to draw attention to all relative personnel.

Leaning Label Tilt Label Selection Guide


1-1 Function(s) of Tilt Indicators

All tilt indicators are made of “sticker“, “plastic housing“, and “display window.” The contents include a brand name, this side-up arrow, and serial number on the sticker. The arrow reminds handlers to keep one side up. The serial number is to prevent tampering, in case of replacement of the activated tilt indicators.


.Single Function (1st Gen)

The single-function tilt indicator is the first launched. The set tilt angle is 80°. When tilt occurs over 80°, the middle of the label turns red. 

Single tilt watch indicator


.Double Functions (2nd Gen)

The 2nd gen indicator can be viewed as an advanced version, which adds the direction of tilt, tilt to right or left. The activation of the tilt degree is 80°, as same as the 1st gen. Once tilt occurs during delivery, the top display changes from silver to red, and one of the bottom display windows changes to silver.

Directional Tilt Watch Indicator



.Multiple Functions & Multi-Angles Detection (3rd Gen)

The latest tilt indicator combines the functions of 1st and 2nd gens and adds various angles from 30° to 80° with overturn detection. Each section is independent and detected separately. When a tilt occurs, the brass ball rolls into a corresponding track. Relative personnel can check whether the tilt degree is over the requested degree. It is applicable for most shipping transport conditions.

Multi function Tiltwatch Plus



1-2 Tilt Indicator Companion Labels

Category Companion Label Small Warning Sticker
Single Companion Label for Tilt Watch Indicator Small Sticker for Single Tilt Indicators
Double  Small Sticker for Tilt Indicators
Multiple Companion Label for tilt watch plus

Small warning labels for tilt watch plus

Note: Attached to the top of the product.

To remind handlers of tilt indicator(s) applied to the cargo, one indicator is usually used with a warning label & a small warning sticker. They separately stick to cargo and bill of lading. Moreover, they also indicate what to do if the indicator is activated. 

However, the companion label for multiple tilt indicators indicates the unacceptable degree of tilt of the container. Before shipping out, shippers have to fill in the angle in the blank. Without a note of angles, handlers may view it as normal cargo and cause damage.


CHAPTER 2: How Tilt Indicators Work? How To Reset Tilt Indicators?

The tilt indicators, no matter which of manufacturers, take advantage of the “gravity of earth” to change the situation of indicators. It’s just that they have different designs.


2-1 Single & Double Tilt Indicators

Both single and double tilt indicators have a gravity device and fixed-angle side slopes on both the right and left sides. The working principle is as same as you play pinball. When cargo tilts over 80°, the gravity device rolls along the slopes until falls off the slope. The middle window changes from the color of the gravity device(silver) to the background color(red).

Then, why do double tilt indicators indicate the direction of tilt? Remember the falling gravity device? As long as give the gravity device a track to roll to the left and right sides and fix it. Isn’t it simple?

Activation View - Leaning Label 【Tilt Indicator】 Activation View - Leaning Label II 【Tip and Tell Indicator】
Single Tilt Indicator Double Tilt Indicator


2-2 Multi-Functional Tilt Indicators

The multi-functional tilt indicators are more simple than the previous one. Each indication ball moves in its track until the tilt angle is smaller than the next space. The indication ball stopped over the max tilt angle space, indicating the max tilt angle has occurred to this shipment.


CHAPTER 3:  Top Brand – Leaning Label

( Read More: What are the top impact indicators?)

3-1  Leaning Label

Leaning Label, the brand under WAN-YO, has a 30% global market share, 100% made in Taiwan. Leaning Label II and Leaning Label Plus are the most popular.

WAN-YO leaning label - tilt indicator label leaning label 2 - tilt indicator labels Leaning Label Plus - Tiltwatch Price
Leaning Label Leaning Label II Leaning Label Plus



CHAPTER 4:  How Do Tilt Indicators Help?

Now, you understand how tilt indicators work and brands in the market, but what exactly they can do for you?


4-1  When to Use Tilt Indicators?

When your shipment meets some of the following conditions, the tilt indicators are the first choice.

Products must be kept upright
Hard to confirm the damage by appearance
Damaged goods as arrived in customer’s hand causes bad reputation.
No idea of where the goods are damaged.
Shipping company shrinks responsibility and makes excuses for damaged delivery.


4-2 What Can Tilt Indicators Bring You Benefits?

5 benefits tilt indicators bring.

1. Decrease goods damage by 70%

When indicators are activated, it displays immediately after tip. As a result, handlers will always “handle with special care” when you use the indicators on shipments.

2. Promotes a Better Corporate Image

The customers understand you do care about their upset and have more sense of responsibility for products.

3. Find Out the Reason for the Damage 

People can tell tilt and mishandling to shipment during transportation or in the factory.

4. Spend Penny, Save Pound

It only takes a little cost for better protection for expensive goods. Once the goods are damaged, the amount of loss is terribly high.

5. Strong Evidence

Acts as strong evidence by irreversible indication.



CHAPTER 5:  How To Select Package Package Tilt Indicator?

Though each package is different in its traits, we recommend the latest gen because it fits most transportation situations. However, customers have consideration in cost, so we strongly suggest the 2nd gen.


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2 Step►How To Select Tilt Label? Enforce This Side Up, Do Not Tilt

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CHAPTER 6: How To Correctly Use a Tilt Label?

From the following, we prepared the correct usage for tilt indicators. The tilt indicators effectively work out as you do it step by step. We split it into 3 parts.


6-1  Instruction for Use

1. Apply the Warning Label in the correct position.

2. Rip off the safety seal of the tilt and Keep it upright. Do Not Shake.

▲ For general indicators, stick to the warning label.

▲ For multi-functional indicators, stick beside the Warning Label and write the unaccepted tilt angles of the goods on the blank.

3. Place the Small Warning Sticker on a bill of lading as a reminder to handlers.

4. Inspect the indicator(s) immediately upon arrival


How to Fix the Tilt Indicator Firmly? 

You can use nails or screws to the drill on top and bottom firmly in case of removal by external forces.

How to Fix the Tilt Watch Indicator Firmly?



6-2  Apply Placement

To monitor 4 directions of tilt, apply 2 pieces of tilt labels on 1 cargo. One is on the front and another is on the side. One indicator can monitor and detect 2 planes only, but the package is tilted in 4 directions during transit.

Apply 2 Pieces of Leaning Label Tilt Indicator

tilt watch indicator placement tilt watch indicator placement tilt watch plus indicator placement


6-3  Precautions

“Should I apply a tilt label on top or bottom?” No matter on top or the bottom, it doesn’t affect a lot because the tilt angle is the same for the same side.  The activation angle is nearly the same.





6-4  Tilt Label(s) Is Red, What to Do?

The activation refers to tilt that occurred, however, it does not necessarily refer to damage. When you see indicators activated, DO NOT REFUSE SHIPMENT, but TAKE PHOTOS and INSPECT CAREFULLY. Certainly, you can record a video to open the parcel with an insurance specialist.

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『2 Pointers』Taking Delivery and Claims for Damaged Goods

Shock and Tilt Indicator Activation, What's Next? How to Maximize Utility?

Tilt Indicator Activation, What’s Next? How To Maximize Utility?

You’re likely at risk of subsequent disputes if any wrong action. On the contrary, the right action leads to clarified responsibility, acquired compensation, and improved shipping quality, which realizes reduce cargo damage by 70%

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CHAPTER 7: Tilt Indicator Price

There are many brands of shock indicators on the market, what is the difference? What are the reviews?


7-1 【Transparent Market Price】:  Leaning Label

Tilt indicator prices are similar and stable because of less technology.


Company Product Name Price (USD)
WAN-YO Leaning Label $ XX – $ XX
Leaning Label II $ XX – $ XX
Leaning Label Plus $ XX – $ XX

Tilt Indicator Prices in the Market




7-2 Where To Buy Tilt Indicator Labels?

We strongly suggest a source from local agents or distributors. On the contrary, OEM delivery is another choice for non-distribution areas because each tilt indicator has a safety seal on its back, it only activates after ripping off. The worry about activation, when shipped, is not a problem. However, impact indicator is always live when shipped.




The tilt indicator is convenient to use and buy. Also, it’s cost-efficient for corporations. Simply peel off 2 pieces of indicator labels and stick to your shipment. The cargo damage is significantly decreased for expensive products.

Generally speaking, plywood container or big cargo goes with 2 pieces of tilt indicators and impact indicators, in this manner, expensive goods can be fully protected and monitored under impact and tilt detection.


Have Questions About Tilt Indicators?



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