What is『G』 of Shock Watch Indicator?

What is『G』 of Shock Watch Indicator?



You must have seen that there are a number and a “G” left behind the shock watch indicator. The “G” is so-called acceleration. But what does the “G” exactly mean on the shock watch indicator? Let us take you to see around.


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What is G-force?


The “G” in G-Force is the abbr. for “gravity”, which is the acceleration of gravity on earth and presents as 9.8 m/s^2  usually.

In fact, whether it is a car or a roller coaster when it comes to G-force, it’s all about the acceleration of cars. However, people frequently compare the volume of acceleration with the acceleration of gravity, and then there will be 1G, 2G, 3G and so.


汽車加速示意圖 雲霄飛車G值示意圖

For the relation between acceleration and force, we have to use the formula from Newton’s laws of motion, F=ma. “Force (F)” is equal to “Mass (m)” multiply by “Acceleration (a)”.

As acceleration is the same, the volume of force and mass of the object is proportional. All objects are subject to the gravity on the earth, putting acceleration of gravity (g) into acceleration, the formula comes to F=mg which is the weight of the object.


Further Discussion


After the concept, we can make a further discussion with the “G” in the shock watch indicator.

Let’s take 7ms(G): 50G for example. In general, the gravity acceleration of the shock watch indicator will be accompanied by a time.


(1) 50G = 50*9.8 = 490 m/s^2 (acceleration)

(2) 490 m/s^2 (acceleration) * 7 ms (passed time)

(3) 490*0.007 = 3.43 m/s (convert to the speed at impact)


If a hard disk hits at a speed of 3.43m/s and then stops after 7ms, it will reach an acceleration of 50G.

If it hits an object at a speed of 3.43 m/s and bounces at the same speed (Newton’s law) and the elapsed time is also 7 ms, the acceleration of the hard disk is 100G.




Generally speaking, the verification of shock watch indicator is to use the “accelerometer” for “G” value, which is commonly known as “G-SENSOR“, to read the G value at the start of shock watch indicators.




The accelerometer is widely used in various impact tests. Usually, the accelerometer will have the following data after one impact:


(1) G force

(2) Duration

(3) Frequency


The shock watch indicator is to use the value read by the accelerometer to analyze and verify whether the functionality is within the specification range ±15%.



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