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I believe that 70% of the people who read this article are because your customers require the use of impact indicators to protect the goods when shipped. The remaining 30% whose goods are really damaged during transportation, but don’t know how to prevent damage and clarify responsibilities.

So you must be very curious about why shock indicators can protect the goods. It looks like just a sticker. (Wonder why? You can jump directly to #What benefits Shock Indicator Can Bring?)

The following contents are going to take you from the principle, structure, function and how to choose and use the impact indicator, to the product purchase and price, a comprehensive analysis and explanation.


Shock indicator is also known as: Impact Indicator, shock sticker, Shock Indicator Labels, logistics monitor, etc…


CHAPTER 1:  What is Shock Indicator?



Activation View - Shock Indicator 50G_Impact Label 50G

Shock Indicator 50G – Activation View


As the name implies, the shock indicator is a product that can indicate the shock force, also known as impact force or acceleration(G), through the display window.

The shock indicator can ensure that the vibration intensity is recorded during transportation or when the goods are exposed to inappropriate environmental conditions, and the relevant responsible person can be liable for compensation. Most of them are used in the transportation or storage of goods. With different degrees of impact resistance for each goods, I recommend selecting different models according to different goods. (Please refer to #How Do I Choose a Suitable Shock Indicator?)

There are 5 common product models: 100G, 75G, 50G, 37G, 25G, in order from least sensitive to most sensitive. Generally speaking, the colors of commercially available impact indicators follow the industry’s specifications. 100G is green, 75G is orange, 50G is red, 37G is purple, and 25G is yellow. They are all eye-catching colors. In order to attract the attention of couriers or handlers.


Shock Indicator - Sensitivities to Models



Shock Indicator – Sensitivities to Models


Each shock indicator will have a corresponding G value, which means that when the indicator is subjected to an shock acceleration that exceeds the G value number, the indicator will start to become red. The larger the number is, the greater the shock force is required.

For example, the least sensitive 100G needs to be subjected to an impact force of more than about 100G, and then activated. 100G will be activated about over 120 cm; while the most sensitive 25G needs to be subjected to an impact force of more than about 25G, which is about more than 30 cm will be activated.

Through the following YouTube video, you can understand the approximate required impact force of each impact indicator model (25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G).



1-1  What is the Acceleration G Value?


Acceleration G” is the G-force we hear when we play roller coasters in amusement parks or pilots often hear the human body under fast flight. The acceleration of an object under the action of gravity, also known as gravitational acceleration, usually we use “g” to represent.





           g=9.8 m/s²

To put it simply, shock indicator 50G means that it takes 50 times the acceleration g-force to activate the product and start the color change.



1-2  Basic Introduction to Shock Indicator


What is the basic structure of the shock indicator? There are many messages on its appearance, do you know what these functions are? So, what are the functions of the companion label, the warning labels, and small warning stickers?


I. Components of Shock Indicator: Sticker, Plastic Housing, G-Sensor


The shock indicator is a simple and inexpensive device that was made of only 3 parts – “sticker“, “plastic housing“, and “G-Sensor” to form an all-round 360º detection sensor. There will be a brand name, warning slogan, and serial number on the sticker; G-Sensor is placed in the plastic housing to protect the detection device.

The warning slogans include words such as “Handle With Care” and “Caution” to remind handlers to pay attention to this ticket.

The serial number is to prevent the possibility of cheating. Handlers may replace the shock indicator with a new one when the display window turns red.



Sticker + Plastic Housing + G-Sensor Device

Impact Detection Device - Impact Label

Shock Indicator – Detailed Exploded View



II. Companion Label: Warning Label & Small Warning Sticker


In order to smoothly make handlers know that the shock indicator is applied to the goods, a shock indicator is usually with a warning label & a small warning sticker. Each of them, functions are as follows:


【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function

 Warning Label

(Length X Width:197 x 134 mm)

Functions & Notes:


a.  Drawing the Attention of a delivery man

b.  Clearly indicate the Processing Steps for activated the label (Turn Red)

Small Warning Sticker_Impact Label
Small Warning Sticker

(Length X Width:76 x 25 mm)

Functions & Notes:


a.  Please stick the small warning sticker on Bill of Lading.




CHAPTER 2: A Few People Know– Product Principle and Introduction of Three Major Brands


The product technology of the shock indicator is slightly different in each manufacturer, and it has always been the secret of each factory, but the working principle of the impact indicator can basically be divided into 2 categories – physical change and structural change.


2-1  Physical Change


You can imagine that the water droplets on the ceiling fall down after flapping the ceiling. When the viscosity of the water drop increases, more force is needed to make it fall. This is the design principle of different models.


Droplets on Ceiling


When the shock indicator is in a stable state, the red ink remains in the transparent tube due to its viscosity and surface tension. If it receives external force, the red ink will flow out, and the coating in the transparent tube, commonly known as coating, absorbs and rapidly spreads the red ink to the entire transparent tube.

The function of the coating is similar to toilet paper in absorbing liquid, commonly known as capillarity, and because the liquid is red, people can clearly see that the shock indicator was activated.

Internal structure and working principle - Shock Indicator Tube

Shock Indicator – Internal Structure and Working Principle



2-2  Structural Change


The design of the structure will have an elastic material to fix it, and if an external force intervenes, the fixed material will loosen; and the size of this elastic force is the design principle of different models of products.


【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function 【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function



2-3  Top 3 Brands of Shock Indicator


We have compiled the products of the 3 brands with the highest market share in the world. They are ShockWatch, Impact Label, and Drop N Tell. Through videos of disassembling products on the Internet, you can see which type of principle design they belong to, and understand the design structure of the 3 major brands.


I.   ShockWatch


ShockWatch is a product brand under the American company SpotSee. The products were originally produced locally in the United States, but currently, the product line has been moved to Mexico and China. At present, the global market share is about 50%. The most well-known products are ShockWatch and ShockWatch 2, which use physical changes and structural changes to detect impacts.


shockwatch label



Shockwatch 2


II.  Impact Label


Impact Label is a brand of WAN-YO Enterprise Co., Ltd. It is 100% made in Taiwan and has a price advantage. It currently has a global market share of about 35%. The most famous products are Impact Label and the world’s first Dual Impact Label, both of which use physical change design to detect impacts.


Impact Label



Dual Impact Label -E31



Impact Tube


III. Drop N Tell


Drop N Tell is a brand under Index in the United States. Its products are manufactured locally in the United States and currently have a global market share of approximately 10%.


Drop n Tell




CHAPTER 3: Under What Circumstances Should the Impact Indicator Be Used?


After reading the basic introduction and principle of the shock indicator, the next step is to understand under what circumstances the enterprise can use the shock indicator to help you solve the problem.


3-1  What is the Problem?


If you encounter the following problems, the shock indicator will be your best choice:

  • The product was damaged when it was delivered to the customer, causing damage to the company’s reputation!
  • I don’t know where the goods are damaged…
  • When goods damage occurs, no evidence can be provided!
  • When applying for shipment transportation insurance claims, the claims are made difficult!


3-2  What are the Benefits of Shock Indicators?


(A)  Reduce Goods Damage Rate by More than 70%:

The handlers are “extremely careful” when your goods are affixed with the indicator because the shock indicator can record the impact as an impact or a shock occurs.


(B)  Promote Corporate Image:

Customers know that you treat their goods more responsibly than other suppliers when they receive the goods with indicators.


(C)  Find Out the Damage Reason:

The indicator can clearly distinguish whether the goods encountered an abnormal impact, shock, or fall in the factory or during transportation.


(D)  Penny Wise and Pound Foolish: 

It only takes a little cost to have better protection for your expensive goods. Once the goods are damaged, the amount of loss is terribly high.


(E)  Strong Evidence:

The irreversible color-change mechanism can be used as strong evidence.




CHAPTER 4: How Do I Choose a Suitable Shock Indicator?


We are usually asked by customers asking questions about shock indicators, most of their first question is to know which product model their goods are suitable for.

In response to this question, we would like to answer the customer as soon as possible, but each customer’s goods have different packaging, weight, and product impact resistance, so we provide the following 4 methods for you to choose from.

Method 1.  Selection Guide Table ——————————- The Fastest ; Least Accurate

Method 2.  Activation Height Table to Test Reports ———- Faster ; More Accurate

Method 3.  Do a Drop Test ————————————— Most Accurate

Method 4.  Collect Data after Shipping Out ——————– For Untestable Goods



4-1  Method I:   Selection Guide Table


You can check the selection guide table provided by WAN-YO according to the volume (m3) and weight (kg) of the package, both of the products and whole packaging. You can refer to the video below, which takes you to calculate the size of the goods and select the corresponding model step by step.

In Principle —

  The Bigger & Heavier the goods are, the More Sensitive Labels are Used.   — 25G or 37G or 50G
  The Smaller & Lighter the goods are, the Less Sensitive Labels are Used. — 50G or 75G or 100G


Shock Indicator – Selection Guide



4-2  Method II:  Activation Height Table to Test Reports


If your product or package has a drop height test in a certified laboratory, then you can select a suitable model based on the safe drop height of the test to correspond to the activation height table for shock indicator.

For example: According to the test report, it is known that the products fall at a height of 50cm is a safe height, then you can choose the shock indicator 50G.


Shock Indicator - Activation Height Table

Shock Indicator – Activation Height Table


4-3  Method III: Do a Drop Test


Apply 5 types of shock indicators on product packages or simulated packages and do a drop test. After analyzing the obtained data, find out the most suitable product model for your goods.

If you need a drop test service, WAN-YO Enterprise currently provides a FREE drop test service. You can click the button below to get more information.

Free Drop Test




4-4  Method IV:  Collect Data after Shipping Out


Each time you ship to your customers, affix all the models, record and analyze the activation information, and then select the most suitable label model.

For example: in 10 shipments, 9 shipments were undamaged and the maximum G value was 50G within the activation shock indicators; the other 1 shipment was damaged and all labels (25G~100G) are activated, then we can understand the suitable product model to be 75G based on the results of these 10 times shipment.

Number of Times 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shipment Situation OK OK OK OK OK OK OK NG OK OK
Max. Activation Model 50G 50G 25G 50G 37G 50G 50G 100G 50G 37G

*Note: This method is suitable for expensive or bulky goods that cannot be tested.


The above 4 selection methods are the results accumulated by WAN-YO Enterprise based on years of experience and provide you with the simplest way. If the above methods still cannot solve your concerns about product selection, please contact us for better suggestions.





CHAPTER 5: How Do I Use the Shock Indicator Correctly?


The shock indicator is a very precise logistics monitor device. Only the correct use of the product can accurately detect the exact G force. So we have summarized the following 3 parts to teach you how to use the shock indicator correctly.



5-1  Steps for Usage


  • Apply the warning label in the correct position of the package.
  • Tear off the shock indicator and apply it on the yellow area of the warning label.
  • Stick a small warning sticker on the bill of lading as a reminder to handlers of the shock indicator.



5-2  Applied Position


The applied position is a crucial part of the shock indicator, and the correctness of the applied position also affects the sensitivity of the indicator to detect impact and shock.


Recommendations for the Placement of Product Models:

Shock Indicator 25G

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 25G → Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 25G
→ Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Shock Indicator 37G

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 37G → Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 37G
→ Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Shock Indicator 50G

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 50G → Top Corner for Small Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 50G
→ Top Corner for Small Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 50G → Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 50G
→ Bottom Corner for Large Goods

Shock Indicator 75G

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 75G → Top Corner for Small Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 75G
→ Top Corner for Small Goods

Shock Indicator 100G

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 100G → Top Corner for Small Goods

Suggestion: Shock Indicator 100G
→ Top Corner for Small Goods


5-3  Precautions!


We need to apply the indicator on the placement of packaging where the product is more susceptible to impact but remember “not to apply it on a soft place“, such as the center of the carton or the packaging film.


【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function 【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function
Shock Indicator
Apply it on Cartons (Ture)
Shock Indicator
Apply it on Packaging Film (False)
【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function 【Reveal Secrets!】Latest Top 3 Shock Indicator Price, Principle, Function
Shock Indicator
Apply it on the corner (True)
Shock Indicator
Apply it on the center (False)



5-4  Shock Indicator Activation, What should I do?


The color-change of the shock indicator can immediately reflect the impact of the goods, but it cannot guarantee that the goods will be damaged as a result; therefore, when the indicator activation, the receiver “Do Not Directly Return“, but must be “Took Photos and Inspect” of the goods.

If the receiver would like to reject goods when receiving, we strongly recommend that you use the Dual Shock Indicator.


Dual Impact Label - Reject Shipment

The Dual Shock Indicator provided
by WAN-YO Can Help for “Judgment of Returns Directly.”




CHAPTER 6: Shock Indicators in the Market: Prices and Functions


There are many brands of shock indicators on the market, what is the difference? What are the reviews? Below, we will compare “price” and “functionality” for analysis.


6-1  【Transparent Market Price】: Prices of ShockWatch, ShockWatch 2, Impact Label, Drop N Tell 


Most of the 3 major brands, ShockWatch, Impact Label, Drop N Tell, are sold in various countries via agents or distributors. You can get a glimpse of the price list of shock indicators on the market through the table below.

From the price list, we can know that the prices of other brands are the most favorable, but we can say with certainty that most minor brands have many problems in the accuracy of the G value and quality control; There are some advantages in prices, but it can cause great troubles afterward. Therefore, we still recommend that if the price difference is not significant for you, don’t make fun of your company’s products and reputation.

Among the 3 major brands, Impact Label is more competitive in price, while Drop N Tell is in a higher unit price. As for ShockWatch, the price is between the two.


Company Name Product Name Price (USD)
SpotSee ShockWatch $ 1.8 – $ 4.9
ShockWatch 2 $ 1.6 –  $ 3.9
WAN-YO Impact Label $ 1.5 – $ 3.1
Dual Impact Label $ 2.5 – $ 3.9
Impact Tube $ 1.0 – $2.3
Index Drop N Tell $ 2.3 – $5.6
Others $ 1.5 – $ 3.5

Shock Indicator Market Price List


*The above prices are based on big data statistics conducted by the American Packaging Association. In fact, prices may vary according to different countries, freight, and taxes. This table is for reference only.



6-2  Transparent Quality: Functional Difference of  ShockWatch, ShockWatch 2, Impact Label


We can see the two actual test videos on the Internet. From the “ShockWatch VS. Impact Label” test videos, there is actually not much difference between the two brands. However, in the “ShockWatch 2 VS. Impact Label” test videos, you can understand that ShockWatch 2 has more requirements for the angle of impact in its design.


 ShockWatch VS. Impact Label ShockWatch 2 VS. Impact Label



6-3  Where can I Buy Shock Indicator?


As mentioned above, the marketing strategies of the 3 major brands are all sold as regional agents, so if you want to buy, it is recommended to purchase from the local agents or distributors. If there is no local agent, then you can ask the company.


Benefits of Buying From Agents/Distributors


  • Support Small Amount
    Local distributors and agents can support small orders so that consumers do not have to buy a large number of products at one time and avoid risks.


  • Trade and Fast
    Agents and distributors all have basic stocks, no need to communicate with trade terms based on Intercoms 2010 and transportation risks, and can quickly supply products nearby, making it easier for consumers to buy.


  • Local Language
    Local agents and distributors are familiar with local terms and cultures which can communicate with customers more quickly and clearly and provide various assistance, such as customer complaints and technical guidance.


  • Safe Bank Transactions
    Safer and faster transactions in the area eliminate the hassle of international payments.


  • After-Sales Service
    After receiving the product or using the product, if there is any problem, the local distribution agent can respond and support more quickly. No need to wait for a long time and a long communication process due to time difference.






In the preface, we mentioned that the shock indicator looks like a sticker, why can it protect the goods? The information we have compiled above is believed to be enough to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the shock indicator.

If you encounter a problem with the delivery of goods, “No Doubt!” At present, the shock indicator is the only product that is cheap and easy to use. It does not need to change the product design or waste resources to solve the delivery problem – becomes “Penny Wise, Pound Wise.”

You can also find the industry you’re from through our “Industry Application” and view our recommended applicable product information.


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