【Logistics Monitor Device】Reduce 70% Transport Damage

【Logistics Monitoring Device】Reduce 70% Transport Damage





Logistics monitor, also known as “impact indicator”, is a specially designed and vibration detection device, which has an impact detector inside.


By the color change of the middle glass tube inserted in the plastic housing, you can clearly see its record for occurrences of abnormal vibration or impact.

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Impact Indicator – Logistics Monitor Device


How Does The Logistic Monitor (Impact Indicator) Work?


The logistics monitor is composed of “glass tube” + “sticker” + “plastic housing“, and the inside of the glass tube is filled with special liquid (mostly water) and toner.

When the goods with the logistics monitor are subjected to abnormal shock and vibration (i.e. the set acceleration g value is exceeded.), the liquid flows out and mixes with the toner because the force breaks the surface tension and viscosity. The mixture then will be as a record for the vibration or shock.




Options for Logistic Monitor


According to the impact force, the logistic monitor is divided into 5 specifications. From the high sensitivity to the less,  it’s Yellow, Purple, Red, Orange, Green. Each color represents a level for impact force, gravitational acceleration.


【Logistics Monitoring Device】Reduce 70% Transport Damage impact indicator selection guide



Effects of the Logistic Monitor


The sensor tube of the logistic monitor is too small to see, and making the logistic monitor eye-catching is needed. After design, the sticker accounts for 80% of the product.


Composition of Impact Indicator

Composition of Impact Indicator


The sticker printed “Handle with Care” can “Warn” and “Remind” to handlers of carrying and shipping goods. The text is trying to avoid mishandling.


【Logistics Monitoring Device】Reduce 70% Transport Damage 【Logistics Monitoring Device】Reduce 70% Transport Damage





Logistics monitor has a close connection with cargo transportation. It has become a necessity for cooperation. The receiver doesn’t have to open each carton and inspect every time which makes it efficient.


Logistic Monitor Application


Benefits of using impact indicator:


1. Effectively reduce the damage rate of goods by more than 70%

2. Enhance the company’s image of protecting its own products

3. In the event of cargo damage, be able to find out the real cause of the damage or related personnel

4. It only takes a small amount to save the expensive amount of damage

5. Can be used as strong evidence for compensation




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