Decrease shipping damage on road bikes by 70% with shock indicators.

Decrease shipping damage on road bikes by 70% with shock indicators.



Industry: road bike (racing bike, road bicycle)
Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



What is the difference between a road bike and a regular bike?


Decrease shipping damage on road bikes by 70% with shock indicators.

In recent years riding road bikes has gained traction because it’s more environmentally friendly, and more people consider cycling an enjoyable and decompressing hobby. A road bike is mainly built for traveling at speed on paved roads, streets, and paths, where cyclists could ride with speed and ease. Compared with regular bikes, road bikes are marked by some common features. Since road bicycles are designed for speed, the tires are usually narrow, thin, and high-pressure, which could well decrease the friction, making them run fast and smoothly. Also, to make road bicycles lighter and agile, they are commonly made of steel, aluminum, titanium, and the new material, carbon fiber. Some of the materials are extremely costly withstanding, they still have a myriad of merits that could conduce to lightweight, strength, endurance, comfort, or perfect looks. Besides, the handlebars are quite different on racing bikes, which are bent to reduce the air resistance.



What is a reasonable price for a road bicycle?


Decrease shipping damage on road bikes by 70% with shock indicators.

As mentioned above, road bikes are made of expensive materials, and most of the performance racing bikes feature high-end components. In addition, the labor-intensive manufacturing process leads to the high purchase price of a road bike, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, or even higher.



How to protect racing bikes from shipping damage during transportation?


On the one hand, we are thrilled that road cycling is getting more and more popular, but on the other hand, we are still worried shipping damage would ravage our products, which are mainly derived from mishandling. What’s worse, we are always oblivious of the damage before receiving damage claims and complaints.

As a road bike is a kind of precious product, it’s necessary to make efforts on the packaging before shipping. Separating the accessories and filling as many cushions as we can are the best we could do to protect racing bikes.

However, to better protect our products and retrieve trust from our cherished customers, we have to resort to asking the expert for advice.



How to minimize shipping damage with shock indicators?


Decrease shipping damage on road bikes by 70% with shock indicators.

We went for Wan-yo through word of mouth, which is the largest shock indicator manufacturer and conversant with the solutions to shipping damage. After elucidating the problems we have met, Wan-yo immediately provides samples of shock indicators for us.

Within a month, the damage rate decreases by more than 70%. With the compelling evidence, we resolve to start a long-term partnership with Wan-yo.

As for the reasons why a shock indicator is a panacea for shipping damage, the best among them is the monitoring system. With the impeccable monitoring system, we actually keep everything under control. Not only can we know if an unbearable shock occurs to our product, but can identify the chief culprit behind the damage, which enables us to recall a potentially damaged product before our customer gets it.

Furthermore, these tiny devices are so conspicuous that mishandling can be minimized, and this is also the cardinal reason why the damage rate plummets. With hindsight, we should start a partnership with Wan-yo as early as possible.




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