Origin of Labour Day

2021 Labour Day Holiday

Labour Day Announcement Information

Labour Day  Holiday Period:2021.04.302021.05.02

This year Labor Day is on Saturday, employers must legally order workers to take a compensatory day off on working days. Therefore, April 30 will be used as a compensatory day.

If there is an urgent need during the holidays, you can go through Skype: wanyo_sales, we will reply your question immediately.

2021.05.03 Resume normal operations


Origin of Labour Day 

Labour Day is usually an annual and global holiday. The purpose is to celebrate the contribution of the working class to society and the economy. Labor Day in most countries or regions is on May 1st (such as France and Sweden), so it is usually called International Workers’ Day. It commemorates the hay market massacre in the United States. Labor Day in the United States and Canada is on the first Monday in September. Labor Day in New Zealand is the 4th Monday in October. Different area of Australia have different regulations on Labor Day. In Japan, a similar holiday is on November 23, called Labor Thanksgiving Day.

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