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【Impact Indicator】Shock Timer Instructions & Price

【2024 Updated】Shock Timer Instructions & Price

There are many factors that cause product damage and losses during transportation, such as poor packaging or improper loading and unloading of goods. Sometimes the receiver cannot tell whether the internal product is damaged from the external package, especially those large goods, such as precision equipment, etc.

Why can’t traditional shock stickers improve the quality of transportation?

The traditional shock stickers cannot record the exact time of the impact. Without relevant information about the timing of impact that happened, it is impossible to infer the location of the accident and handler, and it is difficult to look into the responsibility for the product losses, especially for expensive goods, server, Industrial Computer, LCD screen, Wafer, these losses are even more difficult to estimate.



What is Shock Timer?

Shock timer is one kind of vibration monitor device, it is a disposable product developed by Japan JBL, and made in Taiwan. Its advantage is to show out the passed time on the LED monitor after start-up. When the cargo was shocked or impacted, the timer stopped going at the timing, and then the handlers can infer from it where and when the impact happened. It helps to confirm who is responsible.

【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price


There are only two types of shock timer: A-25 and A-50. In other words, it can only provide the detection of the two impact force G values, which have fewer choices than traditional impact indicator labels.

【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price 【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price

A-25 detects 25G impact force only.

A-50 detects 50G impact force only. 


Specification – Shock Timer  


 Specification 120mm x 105mm x 12mm
Weight 40g
Record Time 2999 hrs
Hold Time 4000hrs
Heat resistance -15℃~70℃
Expiration date 1 year
Outer Covering ABS Resin
Adhesive  Acrylic Adhesive
Battery lithium battery


Advantages – Shock Timer 


● Brand new, low-cost, disposable, point detection recorder of impact time

● Display the time on the screen of the operation time

● Built-in dual-axis sensor 

● Once it hits, time will stop

● After an operation, the battery lasts for 4 months

● Hold the record for 6 months. 

● Multiple impact gravity level setting

● Easy to install

● Easy to quickly view at the destination

Built-in lithium battery

● Weight is only 42.5g



How Does Shock Timer Works?

Shock timer has an elastic reed and circuit board inside the product. When an external force is impacted, the reed will act and move the colored mechanism.

The following video analyzes the inside of shock timer in dismantle.




How To Use Shock Timer?

First, select the product model for low impact or medium impact according to the degree of impact of the goods.


 Types  Impact Degree Models
Low impact equals to 33G ± 20% (10ms)
Moderate impact  equals to 50G ± 20% (10ms) A-50

*The list above is for reference only. It depends on the product or test results. 


Instruction Steps for Shock Timer


1. Tear off the tape behind. Do not shake it.

2. Put it on the point that your cargo (the placement is close to corners that impacted the most)  and fill in the time you start.

3. Put the nails or screw on the top and bottom of the products to make it firm. (There are 3 holes on the top and at the bottom.) 

4. Take off the white paper on the bottom

【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price 【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price 【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price 【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price


Precautions for Using Shock Timer


● Please install a shock timer on the package instead of the product.         

● The timer will only record when a certain vibration level is met or exceeded.

● shock timer is not waterproof and dustproof.

● Make sure that the product is installed on a hard structure (usually near the corner)


【2021】Shock Timer Instructions & Price


Shock Timer Price

Shock timer is an electronic product after all. The price is very expensive in the market, so it is not common in terms of penetration rate.


Company Name Price (USD)
JBL shock timer $ 35 – 50

shock timer – List of the market price


*The price above is the result of big data statistics. In fact, the price may vary according to different countries, fare and taxes.This is for reference only.



Where to Buy Shock Timer?

Uline and Amazon is the leading E-commerce for America and Europe, however, Alibaba raises up rapidly. Lots of manufacturers join in it.

However, if you would like to buy Shock Timer near you, I suggest searching the packaging wholesaler or local agent/distributor.




The Shock Timer has the following 2 great advantages:

1. On-Off Design to prevent activation error

2. Display the time of impact, and then infer the time and location of the damage.


The traditional Impact Indicator has such features as Shock Time, however, the pricing is too expensive to customers, so the users are fewer.

Moreover, see things through customers’ eyes, the shipping company or express company should take full responsibility for customers’ goods, the shipper is not necessary to clarify the reason.

This is why the market share of impact indicator stickers remains higher than the Shock Timer, after all, the price difference is as high as 30 times.


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