20% Knows! Apply Correct Placement【Tilt Indicator Labels】

20% Knows! Apply Correct Placement【Tilt Indicator Labels】




Tilt indicator labels gradually become an indispensable packaging material to ship valuable goods and equipment for corporations. Does it need to be applied on a required placement?

Let us take you to see the instruction for use and correct placement of tilt indicators.


Tilt Indicator Labels – Tilt Activation View


Tilt Indicator Labels Correct Usage


Tilt indicator label is literally an indicator to detect tilt. As the tilt degree of the goods is over 80 degrees, the middle window turns red.


Cargo Tilt Views



I.  Product Brief Introduction


In the beginning, the designer applied a tilt indicator label on one side of goods and then do a test, that is, the tilt indicator label can detect only one plane surface, i.e. direction to left or to right.

However, the tilt direction is not under control. Goods are possible to tilt forward and backward. In this case, we have to apply 2 tilt indicator labels compulsory, on neighboring sides. (vertical plane) In this way, tilt indicator labels can detect the front and back tilt of the goods.


II.  Numbers of Usage


As per our statement above, you should use 2 pieces of tilt indicator label to apply one tilt indicator label on the front side and another tilt indicator label on the side, so that your goods are assured under 360-degree all-around detection and protection.


20% Knows! Apply Correct Placement【Tilt Indicator Labels】

Tilt Indicator Label – Correct Numbers of Use and Plane Surface



III.  Actual Test


Using 2 pieces of tilt indicator labels makes your goods fully protection and detection. Does the placement affect the accuracy like impact indicator?

Please see the test video below. In this video, you will understand. No matter where you place the tilt indicator labels, the tilt is over 80-degrees, the tilt indicator labels were all activated i.e. the placement doesn’t affect accuracy.






Tilt indicator labels have no “correct placement.” Logically, we only need to apply the tilt indicator label on an obvious place of the goods. In general, the upper-middle of the goods or height parallel to people’s eyes are the most obvious.


leaning label 木箱黏貼位置




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