To protect expensive projectors, use shock indicators

To protect expensive projectors, use shock indicators.


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Industry: Projector
 (cinema projector, VR projector)

Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



Challenge for the projector industry

As the industry-leader, we’ve developed different projection technology for a wide variety of markets. Therefore, our market share in projection is the highest. Theoretically, we could have much higher revenue and profit out of it. On the contrary, we are suffering from  losses and an understaffed situation resulting from shipping damage. 

Though our projectors feature state-of-the-art technology, we couldn’t well control the costs coming behind.

To protect expensive projectors, use shock indicators.



If shipping damage occurs to the cinema projectors and VR projectors

We will need to make a great deal of effort to deal with damage claims. Communicating back and forth with our clients and conducting a thorough inspection of cinema projectors/ VR projectors absolutely lead to our understaffed situation, which takes us a great amount of time and money.

After shipping damage happens, our clients could either ask for a replacement or cancel the contract. The former will cost us extra costs of shipping, repair, packaging and unpacking, etc, while the latter will do damage to our reputation that we’ve spent years building.

No matter how hard we try, we can’t avoid shipping damage. 
As a result, we decided to turn to the expert for help so that we can focus on projector design and technology development instead of these things we are not specialized in.



Best solution to prevent shipping damage – shock indicator

Wan-yo is recommended as the expert for solutions of shipping damage, and their low-price shock indicator is our best and most effective solution.

To protect expensive projectors, use shock indicators.


.Shock indicators can monitor and track product condition

Shock indicator, also known as single-use impact indicator, which will turn red if an impact level exceeds the g force threshold of the unit. With the changed color, we could know for sure there is a shock, drop, or impact occurring to the cargo. Therefore, we could well track and monitor the product condition without additional staff members tackling the task.

【Activation Height – Impact Label】| WAN-YO


.Shock indicators can be a effective deterrent and protector

Shock indicators are well known all over the world, almost every handler knows that they are being monitored when seeing items affixed with shock indicators. According to the research, handlers will be more careful when loading and unloading items with shock indicators to avoid activating the shock sensor.

Once the shock indicator is activated right after their handling, they will be liable for the shipping damage and the claims coming behind. That’s why there is even a SOP developed among logistics companies.

To protect expensive projectors, use shock indicators.


After we officially implement shock indicators

We made guidance for our supply chain. For people handling our products, they should affix shock indicators to the package or crate that provide proof if our products become damaged during transit as well as a firm evidence for damage claim.

If the device is activated, they need to record the status of the indicator on transportation documents, inspect the product immediately, and take pictures of the package and product.



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