How to prove a qualified shock indicator?

How to Prove a Qualified Shock Indicator?


Why companies need certificates?

Certificates indicate a company’s level of excellence in a specific field. It sets a higher precedence for excellence and demonstrates to costumers what they can expect, based on the certifications the company has. 

The certifications help improve the company and product quality. It also helps create a healthy competition between companies to boost the level of performance across the industry.



Increase customer satisfaction

Customers should look for certifications in a company because it demonstrates consistency of operation. This indicates to the customer that the operation and manufacturing process are supervised, regulated and approved by a standard board.

With the right certifications, this helps a good company achieve international recognition and build a stronger reputation. With each added certification, customers and organizations can recognize the level of excellence and reputable quality of each company. It is encouraged to look for more company certifications when you are looking to do business with an organization.



What certificates matter?

Important certifications indicate a company’s efforts in providing the best possible product for their customers These certifications help customers know the quality of service to expect, based on the certifications received. Make sure certifications cover both standards in environmental care and quality of product and service. The more certifications that cover these bases, the better!



ISO9001: 2015

How to Prove a Qualified Shock Indicator?
The ISO9001 sets the standard for quality management systems so customers can receive consistent, good-quality products and services. It is based on quality management principles like strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement for the company’s products and organization.




RoHS certifies the environmental impact a company has, or rather, the lack of use of hazardous materials that cause damage to the environment. It also certifies that the product is free from toxic materials and occupational exposure during the entire process of manufacturing a product down to recycling it. 




Similar to RoHS, REACH focuses on human health and environmental protection, but holds a stronger focus on chemicals. REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals” to ensure a high level of chemical safety. It is an EU certification that ensures the chemicals will not adversely affect human health nor the environment.



Companies that use these certifications:



Shockwatch UK provides impact devices that detect shipment damage during transit. With 20 years under their belt, they have partnered with Spotsee to distribute impact labels throughout the UK. Shockwatch UK (Hanwell Solutions Ltd) is based in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, UK. They specialize in products that measure impact, temperature and tilt. 

Shockwatch produces labels that have a highly visible “red alert” to warn handlers of possible damage. All their products are designed for specific weight classes to allow for proper impact measuring.

With the ISO9001 certificate, as mentioned above, Shockwatch can ensure good quality and consistent products that their customers can rely on.




Spotsee, in partnership with Shockwatch and others, it distributes products that help customers spot damage to their assets. With their tracking network, they are able to track damage in real time. Spotsee has been helping customers identify and reduce shipping damages for over 40 years. It has been only in the more recent years that they have developed or implemented more reliable tracking technology.

Spotsee distributes Shockwatch 2 impact labels just as mentioned above. The impact indicators are tamperproof and mechanically-activated so that when goods are damaged, it is easy to spot where it happened.

With certifications like RoHS and REACH, customers can be sure that Spotsee follows the environmental regulations and complies with human health requirements for safety.




WAN-YO prioritizes transit safety for customers. They aim to achieve ZERO LOSS to any goods distributed with their label. In fact, they were the first company to produce “tamperproof” shock indicators. This shifted reliability of indicators and quickly became popular. Since their establishment, WAN-YO has focused on solving any problems encountered in the delivery of goods. They are the largest distributor of impact indicators in Asia and the second largest distributor in the world. WAN-YO continues to seek growth so customers all over the world can experience safe shipping without damage to their goods.

WAN-YO Impact Labels are designed to fit every variety of sizes with variations in weight and sensitivity. The impact labels are always live and ready to measure any impact that may be experienced through transit. 

To fit their priority of delivery quality products, WAN-YO holds certifications for ISO9001, RoHS, and REACH. They always seek to obtain new certifications to keep up to date with changing regulations and to support environmental and health protection.





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