Protect quartz products during transportation with shock indicators

Protect quartz products during transportation with shock indicators


Industry: Quartz product
Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



How is quartz (quartz crucible) used in industry?


Protect quartz products during transportation with shock indicators

Quartz is a kind of hard, crystalline mineral composed of silica. There are different varieties of quartz, and many of them are classified as gemstones, used for making jewelry and hardstone carvings. In addition, quartz is widely used in various industries and has a wide range of applications


A quartz crucible is a kind of transparent bowl-shaped container made from quartz glass, which could be resistant to high temperatures, so it is usually used for holding and heating materials in laboratories and in certain industrial applications like the manufacture of silicon wafers for microchips and in the solar cell industry.

With exceptional purity and extraordinarily high levels of Q, quartz is commonly used in electronic circuit designs.  Quartz is also desirable for use in optical applications because of its extensive optical transmission properties. Furthermore, it’s a kind of component in several devices such as medical instruments, smartphones, television receivers, watches, clocks, radios, etc. High purity quartz even plays a key role in sophisticated instruments and semiconductor applications.



Why should we protect quartz products during transportation?


Protect quartz products during transportation with shock indicators

As mentioned earlier, quartz is widely used in the fields of medical treatment, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing, which highly demand high precision in our quartz products. To ensure our quartz products are delivered in perfect condition, we have to make every effort to protect them from harm during transportation.



Shock indicators manage to reduce shipping damage to quartz products


Protect quartz products during transportation with shock indicators

We were open-minded when looking for the best solutions, so we got the chance to give Wan-yo’s shock indicators a try. After using the free samples from Wan-yo for the first batch, we knew right off the bat that this cost-effective single-use device would be the best solution, which could comprehensively meet our needs.

Shock indicators are so conspicuous that people handling our quartz products would take good care of them and prevent doing any harm to them, or once the label is activated, they should take the liability for it, because shock indicators are tamper-proof devices, and we can find the culprit behind the mishandling without effort.

With the monitoring system, we can also improve the shipping process and identify the trouble spot in our supply chain.



You won’t believe this low-priced device can make such improvements for your business.

Contact Wan-yo now to learn more about shock indicators and protect your shipments.



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