Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators

Secure 3D printers / printers with shipping impact indicators.


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Industry: 3D printer / printer industry

Solution from Wan-Yo: shipping impact indicator



Challenge for the 3D printer / printer industry

Before elaborating the reasons that shipping 3D printers and printers is arduous, we should know that 3D printers and some particular printers are pretty pricey. To better understand why it is so hard for us to transport these printers, refer to the following section.

Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators.


1. These printers are pieces of delicate equipment that even vibration could have an impact on the integrity and functionality. Hence, every time when we need to ship a printer, we have to take plenty of factors into consideration, such as the packaging, cushioning, handling procedures, and the distance it could travel. We have to prepare for the worst and do everything to protect them. Since the printers are delicate, fragile, and pricey, any broken parts could cost us a hefty sum to replace and it’s also likely to cause malfunction of printers.

Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators.


2. These printers are somewhat sophisticated equipment, so there are several parts and components. It could be the key step to secure and keep the loose parts where they should be.

(1) Isolate vulnerable parts.

(2) Secure loose parts tightly in the container. Take a printing arm for example, a printing arm is quite minuscule and narrow; once we don’t secure it tightly, it could bounce around during transportation and result in unacceptable damage.

(3) Take care of extremely small parts that are sensitive to damage.


Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators.

3. 3D printer glass beds could be the most fragile parts among all. We should wrap them with a cushion. Once shipping damage occurs, the glass beds could be scratched or broken, which will lead to damage claim, return, and replacement.



Shipping damage on 3D printers / printers

We found that most of the shipping damage take place because of lack of care when handling them, such as packaging, 

Most damage to these printers is caused by a lack of care when packaging, loading, and unloading them. Therefore, manual handling could be one of the key factors.

Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators.



Solution for the damaged delivery

We’ve been suffering losses from damaged delivery that resulted from scratched glass and broken parts. Our customers claimed damage, asked for replacement, or even canceled long-term orders. Since this has a negative effect on our business, we turned to Wan-Yo for help on the problem.

Finally we have our best solution, shipping impact indicator, to deal with shipping damage in the long run. 

【Activation Height – Impact Label】| WAN-YO



Shipping damage rate has decreased by 75%

Since we started affixing shipping impact indicators to our items, we have noticed the damage rate dropping a significant amount. Shock indicators effectively remind all the handlers to take as much care as possible when packing, loading, unloading, and shipping.

Secure 3D printers with shipping impact indicators.


We noticed a huge plunge in shipping damage after affixing the shock watch sensor  to every item. Not only can it indicate impact, but remind all the handlers to take additional care of it.


Track down trouble spots in supply chain with shipping impact indicators

With  shipping impact indicators, we precisely know about the trouble spots in our supply chain, and it’s possible for us to implement process changes to improve outcomes. 


Real-time monitoring saves the reputation of our business

Shipping impact indicator is a more proactive approach, which can help us avoid unpleasant scenarios, so that we could have prompt and corrective actions before items are delivered without visual inspection.



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