Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.


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Industry: Musical instrument

Solution from Wan-Yo: shock watch sensor


Challenge for the Musical Instrument Industry

For us, the musical instrument industry, the biggest challenge is how to ship musical instruments. Why is it so difficult for us to ship musical instruments?

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.


1. Shipping musical instruments could be costly because they could have a very large range of sizes and different weights, such as brass instruments, woodwind instruments, percussion instruments, string instruments, electric guitars, and keyboards.

Therefore, no matter what kind of musical instruments we are going to ship, we need not only to get basic packaging materials prepared, but also to customize packaging for particular sizes and shapes. 

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.


2. For string instruments, we even need to take humidity and temperature into consideration. Most string instruments are constructed using real wood, once shipping them in extreme weather, the wood could shrink or expand, and the strings could also be affected. We need to protect them from humidity and fluctuating temperature.

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.


3. Musical instruments with good quality could be really expensive that may cost us thousands of dollars. However, almost every musical instrument is fragile, once damage occurs to them during transportation, we may need to send a replacement or give a refund because it’s damaged beyond repair, which could cost a fortune.

Among these three challenges, shipping damage is the most severe and unacceptable one to our business.

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.



Shipping damage we have met

The most common causes of shipping damage we’ve met are shifting containers, transloading, and a variety of other factors mid-transit. All the mishandling during transportation could cause the neck of a guitar warped or broken, wooden instruments scratched, drum set cracked or splitted.



Solution for the Shipping Damage

Shipping damage is the most severe challenge as well as the main reason our business is losing money. Therefore, we decided to consult with Wan-Yo on the problem and get the best solution for it.

Shock watch sensors come in handy and perfectly solve our biggest problem in the following two ways.


1. Caution reminder

We noticed a huge plunge in shipping damage after affixing the shock watch sensor  to every item. Not only can it indicate impact, but remind all the handlers to take additional care of it.

Ship musical instruments safe and sound with shock watch sensor.


2. Monitor and optimize

Shock watch sensor monitors and records impact during transportation. Once impact, shock, or damage occurs, we will know immediately. What’s more, we use impact indicators to optimize our supply chain. Due to the monitoring service, we can track down the trouble spots more effectively, and keep an eye on them to better understand what we could do to optimize the supply chain and prevent shipping damage from happening in the future.

【Activation Height – Impact Label】| WAN-YO



Benefits of Using impact indicators

1.  Shock watch sensors give us peace of mind because we know that we can rely on impact indicators on cargo monitoring. We don’t need to worry about the shipping damage occurring unknowingly. Since everything is under our control, we won’t have stress like we did before.

2. We could rebuild a good reputation with our existing customers and impress new ones by taking advantage of shock watch sensors. With impact indicators, we manage to minimize loss for shipping damage, and maximize customers’ satisfaction for receiving exactly what they have paid for.

3. It’s the most cost-effective and easy way to lower damage rate. Once the damage occurs, we still have indisputable evidence to deal with the damage claim.




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