【3 Top Services】Buy Shock Indicator With Confidence

【3 Top Services】Buy Shock Indicator With Confidence


Impact Label, impact indicator, is a very sensitive and special transport label. There’s any slight impact occurred, the shock indicator is activated, and causing damage. According to statistics, 50% of customers have purchased shock indicator, they find that there is a partially damaged shock indicator upon arrival, which causes considerable trouble.

In view of this, WAN-YO provides the following 3 ways to deliver the products to your hands smoothly. I believe you will be confident with your purchase after understanding how we provide non-damage transportation to our customers. Let’s begin one by one.


【3 Top Services】Buy Shock Indicator With Confidence



Express Delivery

Courier is currently the most used transportation service by customers due to high efficiency and complete delivery distribution, which is not only convenient to send and receive, but also saving time, however, Impact Label, shock indicator, must face a risk of damage that may exceed 70% in express delivery.

Through our team’s research and testing, we have developed a package that damage rate can be controlled under 5% (or even 0%) to transport in Taiwan, which is why WAN-YO dares to provide a delivery guarantee of no damage transportation in worldwide countries.

【3 Top Services】Buy Shock Indicator With Confidence world map



Forwarder Delivery

The forwarder includes air freight and sea freight services. We usually suggest those customers requiring big demand because transport cost and product damage rate is lower, which possibility of transport damage decrease to fewer than 10%.

Forwarder Delivery air freight and sea freight services



Dedicated Delivery

We believe that good products and good brands should be judged by product quality and service.

We have our own channels around the world. If necessary, we can even have our agents and distributors around the world deliver to customers personally. Not only can you check the products in person, but you can also understand the products and build the foundation for long-term cooperation.


Dedicated Delivery




As a professional shock indicator manufacturer, WAN-YO provides express delivery services around the world and guarantees no damage transportation. We look forward to promoting good products to all parts of the world and checking the safe transportation of all companies. 

As long as you purchase the shock indicator in WAN-YO and find any damage or activation when receiving the product, we promise to replace the new product for free or refund directly. We also provide 24 months warranty, please refer to “Delivery Guarantee” for details.


Delivery Guarantee


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Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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