What Is The Purpose Of Shock Sensor For Shipping

What is the purpose of shock sensor for shipping?

You probably have been asked to use the shock sensor for shipping, or shock impact indicator. Have you ever wondered why you should use these indicators on your shipments?


What is a shock sensor for shipping?

A shock sensor for shipping is a device that indicates whether a physical shock or impact has occurred. Each “G” represents a level of threshold.

It is attached to packages with loads that require careful handling. When a physical shock or impact occurred and exceeds its threshold, the sensor turns transparent to RED. 

What is a shock sensor for shipping?


What is the purpose of shock sensor for shipping?

Shock sensors for shipping are useful in a variety of industries. It is particularly important in quality assurance. A shock indicator is frequently used to control the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products, as well as finished products during storage and transportation, to detect potentially damaged products quickly, and to reduce the risk of producing low-quality, defective products.

What is the purpose of shock sensor for shipping?


What is an advantage of a shock indicator?

In fact, indicators are good for all three parties, shipper, receiver, and handler. The sensor works mechanically so no battery problem during shipping.

Benefit For Shipper

1. Represent extra care and reduces the risk of mishandling during transportation or storage.

2. Assists in the quick resolution of damage claims.

3. Increases buyer’s confidence: high quality and non-concealed damage.

4. A visual deterrent to improper handling.

5. Confirms the packaging’s efficacy

What are benefits for shipper who using shock sensor for shipping?


Benefit For Buyer

1. Reduce concealed damage claims ensuing high work efficiency.

2. Alerts staff to inspect contents before acceptance if indicator turns red.

3. Indisputable evidence of mishandling for damage claims.

4. Avoid defective products to the next buyer. (Especially for resellers)

5. Assists in the rapid settlement of damage claims.

What are benefits for buyer who using shock sensor for shipping?


Benefit For Carrier

1. Give encouragement of handle with extra care to handlers.

2. Determine the responsibility in damage claims. Avoid false accusations.

3. Pinpoint rough handling in intermodal freight transport.

4. Reduce mishandling and cargo claims with customers. 

What are benefits for carrier who using shock sensor for shipping?


Which threshold of shock indicator to use for my shipment?

There are 5 thresholds of shock indicator, each represents a magnitude of physical impact or shock. If possible, user will be advised to do a product drop test together with Impact Label so that able to select which ‘G’ level to be used.

We recommend you contact us to discuss your application so that we can assist you in choosing the correct impact indicators for you.



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