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Story of Troubleshoot Damaged LCD TV Screens: BenQ & Impact Label

Story of Troubleshoot Damaged LCD TV Screens: BenQ & Impact Label

Do TVs get damaged when shipped?

Yes, it happens. It was 2013 when I had a phone call from BenQ, a multinational manufacturer of LCD monitors. The project manager mentioned that one kind of LCD TV screen they were currently shipping damage. BenQ team looked for a solution from us to prevent broken TV monitors when shipped because defective products are not what any good business would want to do. 

No matter you’re the manufacturer, distributor, online seller, or mover of LCD monitors, this story provides an alternative solution to your pain!

How can we troubleshoot the damage? Let’s go through one by one.

Story of Troubleshooting Damaged LCD TV Screens: Impact Labels


What can you do with a broken LCD TV screen?

It was BenQ’s biggest embarrassment. They had a factory in mainland China and every time certain models of LCD screens were produced, they would be shipped to PChome Taiwan for sale. However, the recent damage rate of the goods had been abnormally high up to nearly 20%. Taking preventive measures, such as adjustment of packaging materials or structure, etc., there is no significant effect.

The situation became increasingly serious and it’s not just that it was BenQ who noticed this problem; customers’ feedback also showed that their LCD TVs were suffering from abnormal damages when delivered to them. Without any big accidents happening during the transportation or delivery process at all – one could only imagine what was going on inside those.

And now, with excessive losses and customers’ claims, BenQ had no idea how to do and kept seeking solutions from others, finally, they notice Impact Label through others’ introductions and heard that the label can reduce damage rates by 40-60%.

What can you do with a broken LCD TV screen


What damages LCD TV screen?

We had conducted a study on what type of shock can affect the LCD screen and how much damage it entails. We first put types of indicators labels in the box of the LCD panel in order to determine how much force damage would occur during regular shipment and transit.

According to the results of the test, the impact force on the cargo’s bottom is more than the acceleration of 50G, and this impact may damage the screen.

In addition, we observed that these impacts may cause a variety of different damages to screens: scratches on protective glass; or impairing light colors by undergoing color change from long-term use so that they become grayish black patches–which will affect a customer’s viewing experience.

What damages LCD TV screen?


How Not To Damage TV Screens When Shipped?

In confirmation of the true cause, BenQ officially imported Impact Labels to adhere to each TV box, as well as to inform all handlers of the impact indicator monitor is in place.

Something wonderful happened. When the Impact Label indicator is in place, the damage rate of products was reduced to 0%. BenQ was enthusiastic and apprehensive, and would like to try a couple more batches.

The cargo damage rate fell to around 2% in the next several testings, despite the fact that there was very little screen damage.

After several weeks of discussion and debate, BenQ internally decided to adopt an impact monitor to decrease the risk of transportation damage, as the ratio of cargo damage reduced from 20% to 2%. In the next, all package is written “reminder before receipt” on outside the box. Customers can reject shipment if the Impact Label is RED upon arrival.

How Do BenQ Not To Damage LCD TV Screens When Shipped?


Study: damage rate drops by 50% when a monitor is in place.

A study shows the damage rate typically drops by 50% or more when a monitor is in place. The TV screens are rarely damaged in this case, which proves the statement.

From customers’ point of view, the indicator label provides simple reminders of a concealed damage, and the time it takes to process the damaged product after purchase.

As for sellers, the Impact Label reduces the rate of damaged goods and makes business better. More importantly, the cost derived from customer complaints is lower and provides indisputable evidence of mishandling for freight claims.  


What’s Next? It’s your turn.

Story of Troubleshoot Damaged LCD TV Screens BenQ & Impact Label

Managing damage in the supply chain has many options, redesign the package is always the first impression comes to mind, however, it’s more expensive.

In fact, change the handling environment is the fastest and most effective way to solve damaged LCD TV screens, and where Impact Label comes to play! BenQ is not the first user of impact indicators in LCD TV manufacturers. To comply with your LCD TV, our free consultant and free samples for testing are waiting for you.

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