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2021 Peace Memorial Day Holiday

Vacation Announcement 


228 Peace Memorial Day  Holiday Period:2021.02.272021.03.01

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2021.03.02 Resume normal operations


Peace Memorial Day, also known as February 28th Memorial Day, is one of the national anniversaries of the Republic of Taiwan. It is a national holiday established in 1997 to commemorate the February 28th Incident that broke out on February 28 in 1947 of the Republic of Taiwan.

In Taiwan, there is one day off on the Peace Memorial Day. If it overlaps with Saturday and Sunday, a supplementary vacation will be given. However, if there is only one working day away from the weekly vacation, the working day will be converted to a holiday and the previous Saturday will be selected for the shift. Since the Republic of Taiwan in 2015, if a holiday is made up on the previous working day on Saturday, it will be made up on the next working day on Sunday.




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Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.