3 Mins》4 Ways, Select Shock Indicator Sticker

3 Mins》4 Ways, Select Shock Indicator Sticker

How to Choose A Suitable Shock Indicator Sticker?

You must feel pretty upset to choose the most suitable one for your fragile product. Do you know? An incorrect indicator causes 2 problems.

1. Consignee will reject shipment even products in good order when applying a more sensitive label.

2. Consignee will complain and doubt your product quality when applying a less sensitive label.

The best indicator should be triggered just right away when product damage happens. The following 4 methods can help you with selecting the best one, comply with your goods traits.


Method 1 – The Fastest but Least Accurate

Calculate the volume (m3) and weight (kg) of your package and correspond with the right one.

The Bigger & Heavier the goods are, the More Sensitive Stickers are Used.   — 25G / 37G / 50G

The Smaller & Lighter the goods are, the Less Sensitive Stickers are Used. — 50G / 75G / 100G

Selection Guide for Shock Indicator Sticker

Selection Guide for Shock Indicator Sticker


Method 2 – Faster and More Accurate

This method is suitable for those products or packages which have tested by dropping in a lab.  You can select the label closest to the product package dropping test result, based on the safety drop height. For example, the safety drop height is 70cm, then you can use shock indicator sticker 50G.


Shock Indicator Sticker: Activation Height Table

Activation Height Table


Method 3 – The Most Accurate

Apply all types of shock indicator stickers on the product or the package and do a drop test. You will have test data to analyze, and then find the most suitable label under your needs.

If you need a drop test service, WAN-YO Enterprise currently provides a FREE drop test service. You can click the button below to get more information.

Method 4 – For Expensive Merchandise

Doing a drop test on expensive merchandise is a high cost. For expensive merchandise, apply all types of shock indicator stickers on the package every time you ship. Record several correspondences of activation stickers and product conditions, and then analyze. You will find the most suitable model.

For example, in 10 delivery, 9 of them were good order and 50G is the biggest model among the activation shock indicator stickers. Another delivery was damaged and all indicators are activated. Then 75G is suitable based on the results of these 10 deliveries.

Number of Times 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shipment Situation OK OK OK OK OK OK OK NG OK OK
Max. Activation Model 50G 50G 25G 50G 37G 50G 50G 100G 50G 37G



To select hock indicator stickers, the above 4 ways have their pros and cons. The faster is, the more inaccurate is. You should consider comprehensively which is the best for your products. Should you have any questions, welcome to click the button below to contact us.



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