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【Air Dampened Pallet Cushions for Skid】5 Key Points Make It Out! – 2024 Updated

What is Pallet Cushions? 5 Key Points!

You probably have heard of damper before atop Taipei 101. The correct name is “tuned mass damper” which is a device mounted in structures to reduce or assimilate the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. However, the damper in buildings and related structures is greatly different from reducing vibration products for cargo shipping – the pallet cushions can effectively palliate shock and vibration.

shock absorber
Tuned mass damper atop Taipei 101


1. Having Trouble with Damage Shipping?

The packaging of your goods is completely perfect. Your package marks with warnings and you take a series of measures, but the goods damage issue is still there as customers take delivery.

Do you know? 
According to the American Packaging Association study, from beginning to end, an export shipment is subject to falling 4 – 6 times from over a height of 80 cm. These incidences cause damage among 6% of the goods directly or indirectly. The main factors are vibration caused by road or sea transportation, collisions caused by stacked goods, and throwing shipments by workers.


2. Effectively Solve Shipping Damage Problem, How?

Every time, damage happened is not only just a loss of commodity but also corporate images and labor costs. As a result, there are many solutions to damage shipping in the markets. Let’s see the following three instances.


2-1 Air Ride Truck

The air ride truck can reduce the chance of freight being jolted or damaged in transit. However, the cost is expensive, also, the air ride truck merely solves vibration occurred inland transport. It can’t solve the vibration and impact that happened on planes and on vessel loading/unloading.

Air Ride Trucking
Air Ride Trucking



2-2 Buffer Materials

Add EPE and EVA buffer materials around inside wooden containers, or at the bottom. In this way, the buffer effects are complete and cost-effective, however, foam materials or bubble wraps need to be customized. The weight-loading capacity is low. Moreover, these materials cannot be used for a long time and out of shape due to humidity or temperature, resulting in lower buffer effects.



2-3 Air Dampened Pallet Cushions for Wooden Containers

The air-dampened pallet cushions look like air-dampened donut cushions under the container. The cushions can protect the products inside containers from finished packing to the destination. No matter whether the shipment is uploaded or loaded, the pallet cushions can reduce impact forces and vibrations. The pallet cushions apply to any wooden cases or containers, with no need for customization. Cushions are reusable and highly loading capable. 



3. Reasons for Mounting Pallet Cushions


.Reduce Shock Vibration
.Cost-Efficient Solution to Air-Ride Truck
.Accepted All Kinds of Transportation
.Small Volume, Reusable & Easy to Mount on
.High-Low Temperature & Chemical Resistance


The pallet cushions, an air-dampened cushioning device, protect from vibration and shock. The cushions are mounted on a crate or pallet base, providing effective protection as well as lower impact and shock. 

The pallet cushion has a high loading capacity, high/low temperature resistance, and is chemically resistant. It is reusable and can be removed and installed on any new object easily and quickly. By arranging several pallet cushions around one turn and mounting them on the bottom of a pallet, the cushioning effect is similar to an air-ride truck, which could save the cost of an expensive air-ride truck.


4. Selection, Quantity, and Mounting Pallet Cushions


4-1 Model(s) Selection

The pallet cushions come in 5 colors. Cushions from high loading capacity to low are orange, blue, yellow, green and tan, the lower loading capacity, the better the buffer effect! The spacer adds and increases the height of the bottom, which makes jack pallets and stackers load and unload conveniently.

Here are loading capacity data:

Skid mate pallet cushion - orange, blue, yellow, green, tan Skid mate pallet cushion - performance table


4-2 Mounting Quantities

How many quantities do you need to mount on? Each color has its weight-loading capacity. According to the lowest weight-loading capacity per unit, divide the total weight of the cargo by the lowest weight-loading capacity of one piece. The calculation result is the mounting quantities you need. To make a jack pallet and stackers work effectively, you should arrange the cushions under the bottom in the numbers 4, 6, 9, or 12 units. 

For example, the total weight of the shipment is 1000kgs, the calculation for orange cushions is as follows.

1000kgs ÷ 56.7 kg/unit = 17.6 units , round up to 18units, arrange 3 rows x 6 units = 18 units around one turn and mounting them on the bottom of a pallet.


4-3 Mounting Instructions

The mounting instructions for pallet cushions are without/with T-nut respectively.

I. Without T-Nut

Skid Mate Pallet Cushions Mounting Instructions

a. Confirm the mounting position of Pallet Cushion

b. Pass the screws and spacers through the Pallet Cushion (and Spacer)

c. Use an electric drill or a screwdriver to screw in the wood directly

II. With T-Nut 

a. Confirm the mounting position of Pallet Cushion

b. Use an electric drill to drill a hole in the wood

c. Use screwdriver and screw to screw the Pallet Cushion (and Spacer) to the wood 






The pallet cushions are uncommon to see due to 2 reasons. One is that people never see these products. Another one is the high pricing although the cost is greatly lower than air-ride trucks, resulting in fewer users. However, as we mentioned above, the air damping cushions not only prevent booking high-cost troubles but also prevent collision possiblility occurred during unloading and loading.

In view of this, WAN-YO Enterprise has developed “low-cost and high-performance” pallet cushions, lower the price for affordable. The pallet cushions from WAN-YO also certified and qualified by the RnD teams from foreign companies. As a result, there are many overseas manufacturers order pallet cushions from us regularly. The most popular are orange pallet cushions and blue pallet cushions, which provides maximum shock protection with minimal cost!

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