Minimize shipping damage on industrial batteries with shock indicators.

Minimize shipping damage on industrial batteries with shock indicators.


Industry: Industrial battery (traction battery, lead-acid battery, etc.) 
Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



What are industrial batteries?


Minimize shipping damage on industrial batteries with shock indicators.


Industrial batteries are made for deep cycling, and they are designed to last even longer than consumer batteries, and to survive when exposed to extreme environments. There are various kinds of industrial batteries, such as electric lift truck batteries, electric mining machinery batteries, railroad and stationary generator batteries, and traction batteries, which are commonly used in vehicles, utility systems, uninterruptible power systems and industrial machinery, and mainly used in heavy industrial electrical applications.



Why should we avoid shipping damage to the traction battery / lead–acid battery?


Minimize shipping damage on industrial batteries with shock indicators.


As a proven leader in the field of industrial batteries, we are still facing some challenges. Since the shipping cost as well as the initial cost of an industrial battery could be immensely high, we need to avoid anything that could cause harm to the products.

Shipping batteries is strictly regulated in most countries as batteries are typically filled with corrosive acid or alkali, which could be hazardous materials. Hence, we need to correctly package them before shipping to preclude leakage in the event of spillage. Shipping damage still happens frequently like vibration, shock, knock, or drop, which could lead to liquid spilling from the cracked cases. That’s why we need to face the fundamental problem, reducing damage during transit.



How to reduce shipping damage with shock indicators?


Since we need to minimize shipping damage, our single-minded goal, we’ve asked for the best and effective solutions for a while, and finally met Wa-yo. They provided some shock indicators for free that we could use on some batches of our batteries.

After using samples of the device, we kept a close watch on the condition of our shipments and the damage rate, and it wasn’t until a few weeks that we found shock indicator stickers really worked. According to our data, the shipping damage rate and cost dramatically dropped by 85%.


What is a shock indicator?


shock indicators can monitor the shipments, detect unacceptable shock during transportation, and even remind the handlers to be prudent. Once a threshold is exceeded, we will be alerted in a flash.

Simply with it affixed on the package, we have avoided most of the accidents. 
Even though shipping damage still occurs, we can identify the culprit behind it instead of taking liability ourselves. What’s better, we can make an improvement on packaging or supply chain  according to the report we’ve got.



If you have the same problem as we did, but don’t currently feel an urgent need to do, you can still reach out to Wan-yo and request some free samples, and give it a try. You will be surprised at the outcome.




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Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

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