How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators

How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators?


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Industry: Refrigerator & freezer manufacturing industry

Solution from Wan-Yo: shock indicator



Challenge for the refrigerator & freezer manufacturing industry

As a refrigerator and freezing manufacturer, we might be proud to say that our  eco-friendly refrigerators for our customers’ green kitchens do Mother Earth a favor. Nevertheless, as our products are getting popular, we find some critical consequent problems and challenges.

How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators?

Plenty of prep work before shipping


As a responsible manufacturer, we need to assure our customers that our products will reach the destination in the same perfect condition they left from the origin.

Since a refrigerator has scores of mechanized parts, knobs, connectors and delicate surfaces, we have to make an effort before shipping them. We need to prepare protective foam or bubble packaging material, remove shelves and drawers from the refrigerator, wrap them respectively, and pack them in solid boxes. There could be plenty of prep work before we load them on a truck. 

How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators?

Freight damage due to mishandling during shipping and storage


Even though we’ve made an effort and spent a great deal of time on protecting our products, freight damage still happens frequently. Our products often travel long distances, anything could lead to shipping damage, such as mishandling at warehouses, dropped or crushed by handlers by accident, and exposed to other detrimental actions. 

For this kind of fragile, breakable high-end appliance, returns, replacements, and repair could be pricey and lead to great losses to our business. 

No matter how hard we try, the damage rate remains well above the acceptable level, and as more refrigerators are sold, we get more requests for return and replacement. This not only causes our loss but affects business reputation, and the latter could be much more intolerable.


How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators?



Best solution – shock indicator

Accordingly, minimizing shipping damage is a life-and-death matter for us. And we decided to turn to the industry leader,Wan-yo, for the best solution. After elaborating our situation,
Wan-yo offered samples of shock indicators for free.

Since the shock indicator is low-priced, we could track the condition of every single product shipped, and that truly does us a favor to prevent our customers from receiving damaged refrigerators and successfully save our reputation.

Besides, all the handlers in the supply chain get more cautious with our products when seeing Wan-yo’s shock indicators that are so conspicuous that they can tell at a glance these are fragile and valuable goods.


How to transport a refrigerator safely with shock indicators?


Since we applied the shock indicators on our shipments, the damage claims, requests for return and replacement has decreased by more than 65%. Thanks to the solution, we save loads of money as well as our reputation, which brings about the long-term partnership with Wan-yo.


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