Dual Impact Label 【Double Shock Labels】

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Dual Impact Label, an upgraded and brand new version of the traditional impact indicator with two shock indicators, can detect two different impact set G-force, from 10G to 100G shock forces.  It also provides more accurate shock detection and monitors your goods during transit or in storage.

General impact indicators have only one display window and usually fail to reflect the accurate impact force. The impact force is much larger than the selected impact detector label, resulting in the products getting more severely damaged.

When the item is dropped, impacted, shaked, collided…etc, the middle window of Dual Impact Label will indicate accordingly.


Activation View - Dual Impact Label 25G-50G【Double Shock Labels】

Activation View
Dual Impact Label 25G-50G
【Double Shock Labels】


Dual Impact Labels are easy to use. Simply apply them to packaging, a carton or equipment directly. Dual Impact Label is widely used for high-precision, high-priced, high-end goods, such as semi-conductors, precision instruments, monitors and servers. 


Selection Guide

Please select the first model according to the selection table.  Then select one of two functions:  Reject shipment or Pre-warning.   

‧ Reject Shipment

When you select “reject shipment”, please add a higher G-value model. If the indicator is activated, this indicates that the impact to the goods/shipment is much greater than the G-value of the selected Impact Label in the first step.  The probability of product damage is extremely high, so the receipt can be rejected.

‧ Pre-Warning

When you select “pre-warning”, please add a lower G-value model. If the lower G-value is activated, this indicates that the goods/shipment has been subjected to a slight collision during the delivery process. This may cause the product to be defective, so you can be pre-warned and conduct a closer examination before accepting the shipment.



Product Name
Dual Impact Label
97 x 97 mm
Free Choice - 10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G
± 15%
Reaction Time
0.5 – 50 ms
Operating Temperature
-25°C to 80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
Back Adhesive
Shelf Life
2 Years

How to use Dual Impact Label?

  1. Confirm the Model
  2. Tear off the Dual Impact Label and apply it on the correct position

※ Suggestion: Stick 2 Dual Impact Labels on the Opposite Corners for Large Goods.


SGS report


Specification sheet
Selection guide

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