Impact Tube

  • The Smallest Logistics Impact Indicator
  • Visual and Irreversible White to Red Color Change
  • Clarify the Responsibility of Damage
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The Impact Tube turns red indicates an excessive impact force.

Impact Tube is the mechanically operated smallest shock indicator, provides shock detection with minimal size and weight which allow customers embed impact-sensing technologies directly into products or inside the products without requiring power source.

Impact Tubes are an ideal solution to power and cost considerations when you need to know if product mishandling may have resulted in misalignment, attribution of liability, loss of product calibration or warranty-related repair issues.

When to use?

If you demand any following condition, Impact Tube will be your First Choice.

  1. Small adhesive surface
  2. Slight collision unacceptable
  3. Fragile goods
  4. Expensive shared devices
  5. Place shock indicators directly to the product
  6. Warranty repair products
  7. Investigate impact force secretly


Product Name
Impact Tube
10G/15G/25G/37G: Φ 3.4 x 19 mm
50G/75G/100G : Φ 2.4 x 19 mm
10G, 15G, 25G, 37G, 50G, 75G, 100G
± 15%
Reaction Time
0.5 – 50 ms
Operating Temperature
-25°C to 80°C (-13°F to 176°F)
Shelf Life
2 Years

How to use Impact Tube?

    Simply glue or fix the Impact Tube inside the product.


SGS report


1. Catalog
2. Specification sheet

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