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【Global Freight Solution】How Drop Shock Indicator Protect Freight?

【Global Freight Solution】How Drop Shock Indicator Protect Freight?

How to Safely Carry Global Freight for Forwarder?

Manufacturers and their customers from all over the world rely on you to ship their products safely. In a perfect world, your freight business is set up to do exactly that, but unfortunately, you are dealing with workers who mishandle products, and shipping circumstances that cause more damage that you were hoping for.

There are several ways to ship safely through global freight solutions to show your customers you offer great global logistics because you care. That means you are able to manage and analyze how resources are acquired, transported and stored. This controls the flow of resources and information between a business or source and the consumer to make the shipping process as smooth as possible.

Global Freight solutions include services for transporting freight by land, sea, and air. You should always be offering reliable services to fit your customers’ needs.


【Global Freight Solution】How Drop Shock Indicator Protect Freight?


Global Freight Customs allow you to take extra care that everything runs smoothly from border to border. This includes anything from managing taxes and fiscal representation to physical inspection support and dealing with bonded warehouses.

Your global freight solution should offer reliable assistance through the legal and business matters that surface in your international business transactions. It should have a strong background in Foreign Trade to be able to help you to get through the contractual processes, reviewing documents, and translating.

• Planning management for business projects on national and international levels

• legal advice on contracts and commercial documentation

• Claim for goods damage, product liability, and handle breach of agreement

• Specialized services to be a supplier for the United Nations Procurement System

• Recovery of unpaid or overdue commercial debts

• Claims for commissions, banking negotiation, etc.

• Company financial situation analysis

• Advice assistance, statement drafting of partners meetings and resolution of corporate disputes

• Accidents, transfers, dismissals, and modification of the working conditions.



Potential Problems: Cargo Claim


Cargo That Needs Special Care:

Never let your customer settle for anything less than what they should. Transporting goods across the globe is no small thing. That’s why you want to make sure you offer the best transportation either by land, sea, and air that suits your customers’ needs. You can’t control what may happen during transit, but you can make sure you have the best set up for the goods you carry, such as handling, transport and/or storage. The best way to do this is to ensure you have indicators that can track or monitor the goods wherever they go.

Reduce product loss


High-Value Product:

Most high-value products are incredibly sensitive to movement and elements. After ensuring you have the best cargo solution, make sure to look for options to include drop shock indicator and tilt indicators so you can know what went on during transit. Due to the sensitive nature of high-tech electronics or pharmaceuticals, you should always take extra precautions that you deliver the goods safely.

【Global Freight Solution】How Drop Shock Indicator Protect Freight?


Cargo Claim / Freight Claim:

Regardless of what happens during transit, you can be sure that your customers have protection when you use drop shock indicator or tilt indicators. These make it possible for you to identify when the damage happened and can provide physical evidence of damage. Your customers want their Global Freight services to help them claim for damages to goods, product liability, or breach of agreement. Drop shock indicators and tilt indicators help make it easier.

Freight companies who provide services that make it easier for customers to have that protection, usually are favored much more than others who don’t. Make sure you use shock and tilt indicators have installation services available depending on your customers’ needs. The right kind of drop shock indicator and tilt indicators are designed to fit any variety of package sizes with variations in weight and sensitivity. Impact labels should always be live and ready to measure any impact that may be experienced through transit. Make sure that as a Global Freight provider, you are offering the best impact indicator for your customer’s needs

【Global Freight Solution】How Drop Shock Indicator Protect Freight?



Wan-Yo Makes Safety Easier!

WAN-YO prioritizes transit safety. That’s why they aim to have ZERO LOSS to any goods distributed with their WAN-YO label – no matter where in the world they go! Since their incorporation, WAN-YO has not stopped focusing on solving problems encountered in the delivery of goods. They want your experience to feel 100% safe and reliable.

They are the largest distributor of drop shock indicator in Asia and the second-largest distributor in the world. WAN-YO continues to seek growth so customers all over the world can experience safe shipping without damage to their goods.

WAN-YO Impact Labels are designed to provide evidence and insure against damage. When damage does occur, these impact labels can provide the necessary evidence to place accountability on the right place. When you have WAN-YO labels on your packages, you can be sure your customers’ goods will be protected.



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